Online Baccarat Tips and Strategy


Once you understand how the game of baccarat is played there are tips that you can integrate in order to increase your chances of winning. You don't have to be rich to play this game successfully. With our online casino reviews you can find the best sites to place your bet. To familiarize yourself with baccarat game terms used in this article, refer to the baccarat guide at True North Casinos.

Don’t Make the Tie 

The first step is to avoid making the tie bet. This game has very low house edges for two of the three possible bets. To refresh the three options you have are to bet in favour of the banker, the player, or a tie between the two. The banker has a house edge of 1.04% most of the time which means that when you place a wager on the banker for every 100 units you wager, you will lose 1.06 of those units. Similarly the player has a house edge of 1.24% which means that for every 100 units you wager on the player, you lose 1.24 units. These not bad odds end in the grand scheme of casinos, they are quite favourable. However, the tie that is where things get tricky. This bet has a house as a 14.4% on average. By comparison that means for every 100 units you wager you will lose 14.4. Sure, the potential payout is much higher compared to the banker or the player but it's simply not worth losing 14.4% time and time again until you are possibly able to win at Canadian real money casinos.

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Bet on the banker

Out of all Canadian Baccarat tips your best option in reality is to bet on the banker. If you are going up to an online table and playing a live game, the first bet you should make is on the banker. The banker wins just over 50% of the time, and we mean just barely over. Now every time the bank or wins a 5% commission is taken from that but it is still well worth the long-term investment for you to bet on the banker.

Keep Your Eyes on the Banker

Betting on the banker should be your first move when you start playing a new game with effective Baccarat strategies. But it should also be your regular move. You need to capitalize on the winning streaks do you have and the banker is the wager you should place until you start losing. At that point, when you finally lose with your Banker bet and the player wins, don't simply jump right In with your next bet. Wait for the next decision to be made. 

Once this is done get back on the player bet train so to speak place your bet back on the player when you play Canadian casino games. Ride that out until the player bet loses. It is very similarly to the method you apply to the banker bet. As soon as the player bet loses though, jump immediately on to the banker bet without waiting for the next decision. This is the key difference between maintaining the player bet versus maintaining the banker bet.

Avoid Mini Baccarat 

Knowing how to win at baccarat means knowing these baccarat tips and more importantly, knowing what games to avoid. The traditional version of the game is rather leisurely and you could make about 40 decisions in the span of an hour. But there is a mini version of this game that is growing in popularity. There are a few key differences between the traditional game and the mini version. The first is that the dealer is responsible for dealing the game not the players and of course the second is that the mini-game goes very fast. By comparison mini versions allow you to make up to 200 decisions in an hour. That is over four times as fast as a traditional game. As an amateur player it can be easy to look at the lower minimum bets for the mini games and think that they are better but, if you are making 200 stations even if the house edges remain the same as they are in a traditional game, it can get quite devastating against your bankroll very fast. This is really not something you should take on as someone who is just gaining familiarity with the game.

Money Management

As with any game, money management is a critical part of online baccarat strategies. With this particular game you are effectively betting a coin flip which makes the game a very tight game. You can experience wonderful winning streaks or devastating losing streaks. If you are betting, for example, 10 units for every decision, place a limit on yourself of 200 units per session for your bank roll and if you lose the 200 units in full, take a break. This type of break should be logging out and leaving the computer or the phone, coming back a day or two later. If you win a decent amount with that 200 unit bankroll, and you aren't ready to leave the game, split whatever winnings you have such that half of your winnings get squirreled away and the remaining half you can use to continue to play. 

Play to Win!

When you are ready to try these online baccarat tips and baccarat strategies, then head over to to sign up at an endorsed baccarat casino site and start to play.


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