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When you play online Baccarat real money at top new online casinos, you probably already know that you are playing against the dealer.  Your bet options are predicting that the final hand will be a win in favour of the banker, in favour of the player, or a tie. There is little difference in the odds and payouts for banker versus player, but that small difference can compound. Moreover, there is a big reason to avoid the tie. Keep reading to find out more.

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Avoid Patterns

With online Baccarat for real money, remember, first of all, not to look for patterns with online casino games.  Newcomers often make the mistake of looking for patterns claiming that in order to win they need to keep track of them. The reason that people believe this is because traditionally at online and regular casinos you will see the patterns being kept track of at the table. They will show the different results of the most recent games and that is what causes people to naturally look out for different groupings or patterns. People will look to see whether the winning outcomes have been player, bank, or tie. So they will focus on these combinations to seek out hot streets are cold streaks. Realistically with this game the odds are very similar to trying to figure out whether, when you toss a coin in the air, it will come down as heads or tails. Each of the results you receive are separate events and while you can try to predict what's going to happen the next time it really is impossible to do this in a surefire, 100% method.  So you should just have fun and not stress over any potential sequences that you think you are identifying.  You will enjoy the game much more if you don't try to remember each and every hand.

Bet on the Banker

Make intelligent bets with online Baccarat and win real money. With Baccarat at Canadian real money casinos remember that betting on the banker gets you taxed with a 5% commission by the house most of the time.  This is what makes betting on the banker seem like a very unattractive option for new players. Statistically speaking, placing your bet on the banker is actually safer than placing your bet on the player in spite of the fractional cut that is taken for every win. Betting on the banker actually has a lower house edge which means that long-term the payout is more favourable. Understand however that this is a strategy for more advanced players. Those players who have a higher bankroll and are able to play longer will benefit the most because of the long-term payout. Those who are only playing a few hands might not benefit as much, simply because they can't play long enough to help make that fractional cut worth it.  For example, the banker bet will win approximately 50.68% while the player bet will win approximately 49.32 per cent. This doesn't seem like much but over time that fraction of a percentage can increase your gains very steadily.

Baccarat Online - Don’t Go for the Tie

As an experienced player, the tie bet is the worst one you can make. The payout for this looks tempting and it's supposed to, but it only happens 9% of the time so statistically your odds of actually winning that more attractive payout are very low. You are significantly better off choosing the banker. Now, if you do manage to pull off this particular bet your payout is lucrative which is why people succumb to the temptation.  If you are playing long-term with a high bankroll, it's simply not worth taking that financial hit over and over until you may or may not win.

The 5% commission is typically standard if you are making your bet on the banker and it can't be negotiated, but when you are playing online you might be able to find tables that are willing to take smaller percentages. Even a half percent less on the commission can make a significant difference long-term. So don't hesitate to check out different casinos and see which ones are offering the most beneficial commission on the banker bet. If you're spending a significant amount of time playing long-term, you want the site you choose to be one that's most friendly to your wallet. Pay particular attention to each table as well. When you are playing online, virtual tables might not be the same in terms of the commission. You might assume they are using the standard 5% and are currently on the hunt for something slightly less, but don't be surprised if you find high roller tables that take up to 10% or even 25%. Be careful to read the rules and minimums listed online before you start placing your bet.  

Online Baccarat for Real Money - It’s a Sprint

When you play play real money Baccarat, think of it as a sprint. This is the game where you will experience short winning streaks and then brief drops but those brief drops can manifest in the form of big losses. This is more of a short interval game to play something you should do in small stints rather than long-term. The trick to winning this game regularly is catching your upswing and then riding it as long as you can. You want to avoid getting greedy and to do that you have to dip out before things take a turn for the worst. If you are switching between Banker bets and Player bets, you shouldn't play for more than 15 minutes before you walk away and try something new.

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