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by Connor Bergeron
| 21/02/2022
Cashback Bonus

Online casino bonuses are a very simple way to guarantee yourself better results when you play. Some bonuses focus on granting you a respectable capital you can use to continue playing.  Others prefer to reward your preference for a specific game. Third are there to ensure that your gameplay will be smooth during your entire stay at the casino. This is precisely where the Cashback bonus comes in – a proven way to turn even your less fortunate bets into real winners. 

Top Cashback Bonuses

Updated - May 2024

Cashback Bonus
Expires On: 25/12/2022

2022 NHL Playoff Bonus

  • Place 10 wagers of $10 or more on any pre-game or live NHL Playoff games
  • After your 10th bet is placed, we will give you a $20 bonus.
  • Each customer can be rewarded with a $20 bonus up to 10 times to receive a maximum bonus of $200
  • Bonus runs from Monday May 2, 2022 to Thursday, June 30, 2022
  • Further Terms & Conditions may apply

Lock in Your Bets!

Cashback Bonus

Up to 15% Weekly Cashback up to $4600* at Fezbet Casino

  • Minimum bonus $8
  • Maximum bonus $4600
  • Bonus credited on Monday
  • Bonus calculated based upon amoung of deposits made during the previous Monday to Sunday period minus all credited bonuses and cash withdrawals
  • Players must contact Live Chat or send an email 
  • Amount of bonus is basedon player's status at Fezbet:
    Expert - 5% cashback up to $1533
    Master - 10% cashback up to $3066
    King - 15% cashback up to $4600

* All currency conditions are based on Canadian $ (dollar)


Cashback Bonus

Play in the BetRebels Live Casino and get up to $500 cashback on your losses every week!

  • Send an email to [email protected] to participate in the promotion each week
  • Promotion period: Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59 CET (Sunday 6 pm to Sunday 5:59 pm Eastern)
  • Real money wagers (only) on Live Casino games will qualify for the promotion
  • Minimum of 50 rounds game play at the Live Casino needed to qualify for the promotion
  • Cashback Bonuses are paid on the losses of deposits made during the promotional period 
  • Real money cashback is calculated at:
    8% from weekly losses between $200 to $500
    11% from weekly losses between $501 to $2000
    14% from weekly losses higher than $2001
  • Cashback bonus will be credited to player account no later than 15:00 CET (9 am Eastern) on Monday following the end of the promo period
  • Minimum cashback of $21 and maximum of $500
  • No cashback will be awarded if a player has made any withdrawals or has pending withdrawals during the promo period
  • Further Terms and Conditions may apply

With a Cashback Bonus - Its a Win-Win at BetRebels!

Sports Bonus

From Monday through Sunday, will refund 20% of your esports losses every week!

  • Even if you lose, this 20% Esports Rebate makes you a winner
  • During the qualification period, the rebate is applied to total losses minus total wins
  • After the qualification period has ended, the rebate will be credited within 48 hours
  • The bonus you receive will be valid for 7 days
  • The refund incentive requires a minimum loss of $250
  • A maximum refund incentive of $200 is available
  • This promotion will run Monday through Sunday
  • Further T&Cs may apply
VALID FOR: Returning Players

Online Casino Cashback Bonus – How It Works

A cashback bonus is an offer that is calculated on your total net losses. Each casino has its own terms and conditions under which they award you a percentage of these losses back. Usually, the rate varies between 10% and 20%, but there are some exclusive promotions when you can see as much as 35% paid back to your account. These types of bonuses can vary greatly, but they are ultimately fair and quite useful. You can be awarded the money directly and do with them as you please or you can be given an amount in the form of a new bonus. Thankfully, in the cases you are given the money back in the form of a bonus, you will enjoy very mild wagering requirements. It entirely depends on what the casino has in mind for you. To understand this promotion, let's look at a few examples.

Cashback Bonuses – Examples of Great Promotions

If a casino decides to grant you a cashback bonus, this can happen in various ways. We will now outline a few scenarios that are very common and sum up the bonus nicely.

Example 1:

One option is for the casino to credit you back a percentage of any losses you have incurred playing a particular game, i.e. Starburst. If you have lost $20 on Starburst, then the casino will pay you back the specified percentage back in the form of a cash promotion. It's important to pay attention whether the bonus applies to one single game or all slots, table games and so forth.

Example 2:

You are offered a percentage back on all your net losses generated while playing a specific software provider's game. If the bonus applies to NetEnt games, for example, you will be generating a percentage of your losses back every time you play Starburst, Gonzo's Quest, Jack and the Bean Stalk, and so on.

Example 3:

The third case is usually a little higher, which means you can expect 20%-25% back on your net losses. However, you can only claim back a limited amount. This way you can get 25% on all your losses as long as the amount the casino gives you back doesn’t exceed $60. If it does, you will only be credited the $60. As a reminder, these sums are arbitrary chosen, although they are based on real examples, we have experienced. We recommend you to carefully peruse the fine script.

How Do I Sign Up for a Top Cashback Bonus Online?

In the past, cashback bonuses were mostly exclusive and limited offers. Today, they are very much a part of casino VIP clubs' offers. There are also general promotions that are just as good as the ones that VIP customers get and besides – the majority of casinos today enrol you into their VIP clubs as soon as you place your first real money wager. In fairness, there is no difference between the cashback bonuses in VIP clubs and those available to lower-tier customers. This accessibility of the offer has made it a very popular and welcome promotion to play with.

Wagering Requirements and the Cashback Bonus

Even the best online casino Cashback bonus will come with some form of wagering requirements. In some cases, you may be asked to play through the bonus just once. Other casinos can ask you to roll it over as much as ten times. In any event, the wagering requirements are generally very accommodating and they don't come with any unseemly restrictions, which is reason enough for everyone to welcome cashbacks openly. There is always some sort of validity date to address too, but it's usually very convenient, so you won't be stuck playing against impossible deadline. In fact, if there is a bonus that prioritises your comfort the most, that's the cashback offers.

Where Are the Best Cashbacks Found?

How good a bonus is will mostly depend on the reputation of the casino you have chosen for yourself. You will always be better off with a brand that meets specific criteria, such as:

  • Proven credibility
  • Licensing
  • High level of security
  • Diversity of payment methods
  • Rich selection of bonuses

Once you have found an online operator you can trust, you will most likely find a cashback bonus there. Of course, you should always examine the promotions page and if a VIP scheme is available, look into that as well. As soon as you are done familiarising yourself with the promos, you will know whether a cashback option is available and if so – if it's worth it. To set your mind at ease, in nearly all cases a cashback promo is worth your while as there are no real downsides to benefiting from some of your cash being credited back to your account. If you are in doubt about your choice of casino, you can always check a professional casino review or visit forums where players have already signed up and played with a casino's various bonuses.

Cashback Bonus – Why Pick One?

By now you have seen multiple available cashback bonuses. In all cases, there was significant value to your gameplay. Basically, a cashback bonus will credit you back a partial amount of your net losses, which can then be rolled over very quickly or even used as money right away. With very accommodating wagering requirements and a substantial financial leg-up to your gameplay, the cashback bonus is most certainly an option you wouldn't want to miss out on. Stick with your top recommendations and start adding to your casino finances today!

Cash Back Bonus - It's a Win-Win!

Cashback Bonus FAQs

Up to
Up to $4600
Weekly Bonus
Wager on NBA Playoff Games
Get a $20 Bonus
Up to
$500 Cashback
on your losses every week!

Are Cashback Bonuses Worth It?

Cashback bonuses are a great way to keep adding to your playing funds. A cashback bonus on your playing losses comes with some wagering requirements that are very easy to clear.

Do Loyalty Programs in Casinos Offer Better Cashback Bonuses?

Loyalty programs can grant you some extra cashback bonuses that would be otherwise inaccessible. It's worth building your affiliation with a casino as a player so you can access these types of bonuses.

What are the Pros of Casino Cashback Bonuses

Casino Cashback Bonuses offer a great for source of extra funds with low wagering requirements that are available to all customers.

What are the Conss of Casino Cashback Bonuses

Casino Cashback Bonuses are offered less often than most other bonuses, usually for limited periods of time, and only on certain games or game types.

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