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Super Bowl Squares

Super Bowl Squares is a favourite game amongst work colleagues, neighbours and large groups of friends attending Super Bowl parties.  It is a fun game creating excitement and competition throughout the duration of the Super Bowl, and you can also win some money (or prizes) at the end of it! It's a simple and fun football betting type.

Super Bowl Squares History

Super Bowl squares has been played ever since the very first Super Bowl, 55 years ago!  It was created to provide friendly competition during the game, but it has been adopted by numerous workplaces and groups of friends across the globe as an important Super Bowl game, just like the numerous proposition bets offered to us by leading online sportsbooks.  We will review everything you need to know about Super Bowl Squares throughout this guide.

The Game of Super Bowl Squares

The Set-Up

First you will need to draw out a table on a piece of paper. It is always better to use paper, so that everyone can see the layout.  The table consists of 10 vertical rows and 10 horizontal rows, creating a total of 100 squares! You will then decide which team in the upcoming match-up will be placed on the vertical axis and which one will be placed on the horizontal axis.  Each participant will pay a certain amount of money for each square – for example, $5 per square. The fairest way to choose which square a person will own, is to draw each person out of a hat. They will then have the opportunity to choose a number of squares depending on the amount they have bought.  If you have 20 people taking part in this year’s Super Bowl squares, each one will have a total of 5 squares.  Many sportsbooks recommended by TrueNorthCasinos have already created the table for this year’s Super Bowl, so head on over and print yourself a copy if you do not want to make your own. At MYBookie they are actually running a Super Bowl Squares contest.

How to Play

Once everyone has chosen their squares, it is time to fill in the numbers for each row for both teams.  The numbers range from 0 to 9, and again, you should draw out each number from a hat so that they are not in order – this would make it easier for people to guess which square to buy at the beginning.  You now have your Super Bowl squares ready for the big game.  The squares can be used for the final score, but we prefer to take the score at the end of each quarter. This allows extra winners and a more enjoyable experience throughout the entire game.

Who Wins!

Here is an example of how to find the winner:  If the score at the end of the first quarter is 14 (Tampa Bay) – 10 (Kansas City), you will take the last digit from both scores. In this example, it would be 4 for Tampa Bay and 0 for Kansas City. Now you find the square that intersects at 4 and 0 for the respective team, and the person who owns that square wins. Nice and simple!

Are Super Bowl Squares Legal?

Super Bowl squares is technically illegal because of the entry fee (buying squares) and potential pay outs (if you are lucky enough to win), as these constitute a private lottery. However, millions of football fans play this game across the globe every year, and they have done it for the last 55 years! Please remember, if you have parties every Sunday throughout the regular season, you can adapt this game to your game of choice.

Sports Squares are not just for the Super Bowl and not only for football!

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