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by Connor Bergeron
| 20/03/2019

best online casino gamesWhen you play casino games at the best Canadian online casinos, you can enjoy many advantages, including the comforts of playing in your own home, the flexibility to play at whatever hour you want without having to travel, the greater variety of games at your disposal, and the higher winnings you can achieve.

Why People Play Casino Games Online

People are playing casino games online today for the following reasons and more. Some people prefer the flexibility that online gambling affords insofar as they can play some of their favourite games here and there throughout the day, whenever they have an extra 10 minutes to spare without having to travel to a casino and dedicate hours at a time. Other people prefer online games because they get the opportunity to practice in a less stressful environment and hone their skills. Still some prefer the fact that online there is a greater deal of flexibility in terms of the games, the software providers, the casino sites, and the overall winnings. Online games have a higher return to player percentage and players win more often than in traditional settings. Of course the best casino games are really the ones you are most comfortable with and to that end it is important to know which games are offered at online casinos.

Playing Slots Online

The largest variety in terms of casino games are the slot games. Slots, otherwise known as pokies in places like Australia, function exactly the same in an online capacity as they do in a physical machine. You place your bet, you press or click on the spin button, and you watch as the combinations manifest before your eyes. Today there are games online that have dozens if not hundreds of pay lines so you can enjoy access to thousands of winning combinations depending on the game you are playing. Online you also have the option of features like an auto spin button that allows you to set up the wager you want to place and then automatically play through your bankroll until you have played a predetermined number of rounds. This is a more relaxed way to play a specific number of hands without having to click the spin button hundreds of times.

Play the best online games at these select casinos:

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Playing Online Video Slots

More advanced versions of these games are the video slot games. These come with truly amazing graphics, significantly higher payouts, free bonus spins, special bonus levels, and they typically utilize a theme that might be more appealing to younger players such as a movie theme or a television show theme. Some of these games have what are called progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots are better than regular jackpots because the pot increases each time somebody plays the game but, the games are linked across multiple websites. This means that if 20 Casino operators, 20 separate websites, offered the same game, and hundreds of people played that game every day across all 20 websites, every time those hundreds of people placed a bet across those 20 websites a part of that that would go into the pot for the jackpot. Anyone from any one of those sites could win the jackpot at any time and take home the winnings from the collective.

Craps Online

When you play the casino sites with your mobile device or your desktop you will probably run into a game of craps. Craps can be intimidating for people who are brand new to this game, but it is one of the most exciting games you will find, with a fast-paced environment. Playing online gives you the chance to learn different craps strategies, figure out the highs and lows of this quick game all without having a stranger blow on your dice.

Play Roulette Online

Roulette is another popular game in physical casinos and online casinos alike. Many players who are new to the game of roulette might be directed toward the machines in traditional casinos rather than the tables where people can play computer eyes or electronic versions of roulette without having to deal with the pressure of a live dealer. These games function exactly the same way as they do when you play from your mobile device, your desktop, or your laptop. Using random number generators, you can play roulette using the French, American, or the European version. You can play live roulette games if you so choose or try your hand at speed roulette. There are dozens of roulette strategies you can use to prevent against serious losses and increase your chances of winning big which allows you to play for a longer amount of time.

Online Casino Blackjack

Another popular card game is online blackjack. Blackjack is based on skill and strategy. There are several variations you can find online, many of which you won't find in a single traditional casino. If you prefer having a live dealer be a part of your game you can choose live dealer blackjack games where you play against other real people and a live dealer.  The difference is you are all virtually seated around the table that stands in front of the dealer.

Online Poker

No set of card games would be complete without online poker. Online poker is a classic game and it also comes in many varieties and styles. Around the world online poker can be played against real players, a computer system, with a live dealer, and more. There are literally hundreds of different variations out there for poker fans.

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