Neosurf Online Payments

by Connor Bergeron
| 25/01/2021

Neosurf Online Payments Neosurf is an alternative payment method that lets you enjoy Neosurf gambling at respective casinos in a safe and secure fashion. Operating since 2004, it is becoming one of the more popular ways to load Casino accounts especially among Canadian players because there is no financial data involved in the transaction at any time. While traditionally wallets require you to provide things like a bank account to open your e-wallet account and protect your personal data thereafter, when you play at a Neosurf online casino, things work a little differently.

How does the Neosurf payment method work?

The neosurf banking method was developed by NeoSurf Card SAS, a company that is based out of Paris and operates throughout Europe. It is gaining popularity in Canada given how safe and simple it is to you.  When you opt to play at a top Neosurf online casino, these real money casinos online rely on pre-purchased vouchers. With the Neosurf casino banking option, Canadian players buy a voucher from various points of sale throughout the country, for a specific amount.  There are several amounts that can be purchased based on individual budgets and it requires no identification to purchase, no banking data, or other personally identifiable information. Instead, players go to any location that sells the vouchers, make a purchase, and walk away with the voucher they can use to load money directly to their Casino account.  

When you are ready, use the neosurf website to find retailers near your location. Given the many retailers that supply the vouchers, you might be able to find vouchers when on vacation or visiting somewhere outside of your home.  Choose the amount of money you want to load onto your voucher. You can select any amount between $10 and $200. There are limits to how many vouchers you can purchase at one time contingent upon the retailer but the average is up to three.  Take your vouchers home and load them onto your Casino.

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Safety and Security of Neosurf 

Traditional online casino payments are made with a credit card either directly or by funding a third-party e-wallet. But when you play at a top neosurf Casino there is no risk of overspending, accidentally going over budget, or risking the exposure of personal data.  You also don't have to worry about extra security in the form of encryption because there is no information shared of any kind when you simply use neosurf to make the deposit. If you are using it for deposit only, you can go to different vendors and pay for it in cash, not exposing data to the vendors or anyone else. Then you use the numbers on the voucher to load money onto your account, again, not exposing any personal data.

If you choose to use the neosurf MasterCard, then you get extra levels of encryption for making your withdrawals and additional safety and security from the parent company that ensures what limited information is used to set up and secure MasterCard remains internal. If there are any issues with your card, or a lost voucher, the company encourages users to contact them for refunds and resolutions.

How to load your Casino account with Neosurf and withdraw your winnings

Once you purchase your voucher amount from places like supermarkets, newsstands, gas stations, or convenience stores, login to your online casino.

  • Go to the cashier page which might be labeled as cashier or have some sort of monetary symbol.
  • Once there, select the Neosurf options. 
  • Follow the instructions and enter the corresponding voucher data.
  • The money will be loaded immediately. 

Withdrawing your winnings is where things get a bit more complicated. For most e-wallets you can go both ways, deposit and withdrawal. With Neosurf, it is a voucher, which means it only works in one direction: the deposit.  This means when it comes time to withdrawal your winnings you have a few options.

  • The first is to use any other banking method supported by your online casino. This could be a personal bank account, credit card, or another wallet. It is up to you to decide if you are comfortable with this or have other
  • The second is to use the same company to order what is called the NeoCash MasterCard. This is a MasterCard that gets linked to your NeoSurf account and it functions very similarly to a regular debit card. There are many wallets that do this so you can purchase your prepaid vouchers and load them to your account, and then link the debit card to your account as well.  

When this is done, you can link your MasterCard to the online casino you prefer and withdraw your winnings directly to the debit card the same as you would with any other debit card. To do this, go to the cashier section of your Casino website after you login, and follow the steps once you have selected the MasterCard in question. The fees you might face for this withdrawal and the amount of time it takes for the money to get into your account is contingent upon the casino you are using.  Once you have an account set up, you can enter what is called the MyNeosurf member area. Here there are options for you to use your account to also pay for things beyond gambling, like online purchases at other websites, over 20,000 of them.

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Neosurf FAQs

Up to
$1600 in Bonuses
on first 4 deposits
$1500 + 150 Spins
on first 2 deposits
100% up to
$200 + 100 Spins

What are the Pros of Neosurf Online Banking?

1. Neosurf casino banking lets you buy vouchers in the specific amount you want. You purchase prepaid cards which you then use similarly to credit cards or debit cards to load money to your account without exposing any personal information. 2. NeoCash MasterCard can be used to facilitate your withdrawals. 3. Fund your casino account and you v could get a Neosurf bonus.

What are the Cons of Neosurf Online Banking?

1. Traveling to local retailers in order to purchase the prepaid cards. 2. The vouchers are only available in quantities between $10 and $200 which which could be insufficient. 
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