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Prepaid Card Online Payment Review

Prepaid Cards

At a Prepaid Card casino, Canadian players can circumvent the issue of long processing times moving money from third-party electronic wallet into their bank accounts by getting an instant Prepaid Card instead.
These Prepaid Cards work exactly the same as debit card or credit cards but the sign up process is much easier.

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Signing up for a Prepaid Card

Signing up for a Prepaid Card is simple.  Once you know the card company you go to the website, click on the sign up button, and enter the required information. Much the same as a third-party wallet they will typically ask you information such as your name, address, date of birth, and other identifying information. Once you have been approved they will set you up with a card that you can load regularly.  Many of these cards do not have to be linked to a bank account although they will have your bank information just to verify your identity when you sign up. After that you can load money onto the card using the card company website, make your withdrawals from an online casino, and many other transaction types.

How to Fund a Prepaid Card Online Casino

When you are ready you can visit the cashier, banking, or payments section of your casino. Most casinos will have one of those three terms. Some might have two separate sections on their website for deposit and withdrawal. When you are ready to take your money out of the casino you put in a request to process a withdrawal. The team on the casino then processes this and approves it which happens incredibly quickly if all of your account details have already been verified. Once this is done the money appears in your Prepaid Card account. If you are moving money from your account can you go to the same banking or deposit section of the casino website and follow the instructions to process a deposit clicking on the Prepaid Card option. At that point you put in the amount of money and submit the request. The amount of time it takes is typically contingent upon the casino itself but most of the time deposits are process much faster than withdrawals and can be available in the same day.

Why Use a Top Prepaid Card Casino?

When you use the best Prepaid Card casino,  not only do you get faster access to your money and the ability to instantly use that card out in the world for whatever shopping purposes you might have, but many of these casinos will give you a Prepaid Card bonus. use When you Prepaid Card casino banking it might mean fewer fees for the casino and less hassle on their end, and as a reward they give you a one time Prepaid Card online casino banking bonus when you sign up and make your first deposit using that payment method.  In fact, some casinos might give you special bonuses for each type of payment method you use which means you can sign up with an existing casino site and process your first deposit with something like PayPal and then process your next deposit with a Prepaid Card and receive two separate bonuses for each.

Is Prepaid Card Gambling Safe?

Absolutely. These online casino payments are safe. The casinos use top-level banking security to make sure that all of your money is safe and secure. Always provide the legal documents that they require to verify your identity and make sure that you do so before you try and make your first withdrawal. If you don't it will hinder the processing time. The payment documents are confidential and payment transactions use SSL 128-bit encryption technology.

How Long is the Processing Time?

Once you start winning and you are ready to cash out your winnings the amount of time it takes for that money to end up on your prepaid debit card is contingent upon two key factors. The first is how long the casino team takes to process that request. The second is how long your prepaid debit card company takes to process that. Most online casinos will process withdrawal request within 24 hours. Beyond that the prepaid debit cards will typically process within 48 hours. You can check in the terms of the debit card you plan to use to figure out what the loading times are.

Are There Any Fees?

When you use the top Prepaid Card online casino, the fee is likely to be nominal, if anything. The fee that you pay from the Prepaid Card company is based on the card itself. You can check this information in the details of the cards before you sign up to use their service.


Use the card once you have loaded your winnings at any physical location.

Faster processing times and easier to get a card compared to applying for a credit card.


There may be higher fees compared to a third-party e-wallet.

Sign up to use the Prepaid Card Online casino payment method today!

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