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Advanced Bingo players can utilize many strategies to make the most of any bankroll that they have. Bingo is effectively a game of luck so the best strategies you use are not necessarily going to increase your winning substantially but rather going to decrease your risk of losing. Even high rollers with ample bankroll to spare need to utilize strategies that focus more on preventing severe losses. Bingo online is played where you are given a virtual card and as numbers and corresponding letters are called you check off the squares on your card that correspond to said numbers and letters. The first person to mark a full word of bingo is the winner. 

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Advanced Strategies 

As a more advanced player for online Bingo for real money one of the first strategies you want to use is to look for games that don't just award winnings to the person who gets Bingo first but rather bingo games where there are multiple awards disseminated for various combinations and prizes.

 It is best to avoid any rooms that are designed for beginning players specifically as these will not be nearly challenging enough and will likely move at a significantly slower pace. Moreover, as a new player you might have tried bingo with one card at a time but as a more advanced player you can capitalize upon game rooms that give you multiple cards at once. The more cards you are able to play with at any given time, the higher your chances of winning online Bingo real money within a shorter amount of time and if you are able to focus on marking multiple cards at once, you can increase your potential for weddings while decreasing your potential for losses. As a more advanced player you obviously shouldn't go from just one card to 6 cards at once but rather spend a day or two transitioning adding two cards for the remainder of your sessions one day and then three cards for another session another day.  Using tips from our online casino reviews with online Bingo wins are possible more of the time.

No Hot or Cold Rooms

When you are playing online there is no such thing as a hot or cold Bingo table. Casinos online that offer Bingo specific areas of their website will typically have multiple tables. If it is a bingo centered website it will have even more. It is a common belief that some rooms or virtual tables are more profitable than others at any given time. This theory doesn't remain the same from one day to the next. You might be playing in one area and then move to another and because other virtual players are using the chat features to tell you what luck they've had in one room, you might succumb to the belief that that particular room is on a hot streak right now. Unfortunately this is simply not true. These games rely upon random number generators just like every other online casino game so it's simply not true.  Aas much as you'd like to believe that you have an edge and that one area is better than another, rest assured that it simply isn't. You are better off sticking to the game that you're most comfortable with, the variety of Bingo, and the number of cards that you can handle. 

Use Bonuses and Casinos Strategically 

There are different casinos out there which have more favourable rules for Bingo players than for other players. If you have already found one that has better payouts, use that for your more advanced betting strategies. As you no doubt already know some casinos can give Bingo pay-outs upwards of 97% while others hover around 65%. Obviously 97% is better for your pocketbook  then 65%. Tangentially, you want to focus on using any bankroll you have to maximize the bonuses you get such as deposit bonuses or welcome bonuses. If you find a casino website that gives you a series of Welcome bonuses for your first four deposits, leverage it to the maximum. By leveraging your bankroll by way of separate deposits you can access multiple bonuses that allow you a much larger bankroll which means more time playing bingo which effectively means more wins. Statistically speaking the longer you're able to play the more times you are going to win. Pay particular attention to casinos that have wagering requirements and play through requirements associated with the bonuses they give you. These are not necessarily a bad thing but it's better to find playthrough requirements associated with bingo, if bingo is what you are playing. It won't do you much good as a bingo buff to capitalize upon a welcome bonus who's playthrough requirement only apply to slots.

Leverage Your New Strategies Today!

You can play real money Bingo with a top casino games online and walk away richer.  You will find it best to practice each of these strategies in real time with the endorsed real money casinos at True North Casinos.

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