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Playing online Progressive Slots for real money starts with an understanding of how the game works. Knowing that allows you to better integrate strategies that allow you to optimize your chances of winning and simultaneously control your risk of losing. When you play at Canadian real money casinos you will find that progressive slots work just the same as regular slots insofar as they are designed to play the same way, use bonuses, extra spins, multipliers, and more. The key difference is that they are linked to other progressive online casino games of the same design and offer a jackpot which increases in value each time someone plays.

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Betting the Max 

With online Progressive Slots for real money, your first strategy is to always play the maximum amount. The progressive jackpots are usually randomly triggered however if they are triggered and you have bet anything but the maximum, you won't walk away a jackpot winner because it's only awarded if you did the maximum bet on that particular game.

Tangentially, in order to regularly bet the maximum you will probably prefer to have a high bankroll. The higher your bankroll, the more often you can play, the longer you can play, and to that end the longer you can bet the maximum. With random number generators you have no control over when that Progressive jackpot gets hit but what you do have control over is how long you are able to play in your quest for it to be triggered.

Online Progessive Slots - Mistakes to Avoid 

When you play online Progressive Slots for real money try avoiding certain mistakes. With these games you might believe that certain slots are more profitable than others because of the success that you have had with those games in the past or because of the success that you've heard from other high roller players. It is common for people to get excited when they win and to that end that excitement causes them to brag to other players, usually in chat setting, about how much success they had with one particular game. We want to mirror that success, of course , so we will typically fall victim to seeking out the same game that we have heard other people enjoyed success playing.  Someone else's success is usually a result of a higher bankroll or longer time spent playing that game. The person bragging may have left out the fact that they sat at their computer or their phone and played that game with $15,000 in there bankroll and they did it over the course of several hours, winning and losing before they were able to win big. These are very important factors that often don't get shared by those who won.  So don't fall victim to the belief that one game is hotter than another simply based on the success rate of other players.

Jackpot Slots - Reels and Paylines 

When you play real money Progressive Slots with a new online casino there are different variations including video slots as well as 3 and 5 reel slots. With each of these you need to know how many pay lines there are so that you can capitalize upon what you are betting and make the most appropriate wagers.

Even though it is incredibly boring to talk about and even worse to read about, the concept of pay lines is something that you need to really pay attention to as you start to learn more and more about online slots. There is no difference in terms of pay lines as it applies to land based casinos or online casinos. What matters is understanding what role the pay lines play. Pay lines are important in determining how much the slot machine is going to cost you each time you play it which is integral in terms of determining your budget, bankroll, and length of time you can play.

How does this work? If you start playing with a 25 pay line slot online and you only bet five of those lines, there is no opportunity for you to win big because you can't possibly take advantage of any jackpots or larger bonuses. In order to maximize your strategy you need to make sure you set up the potential for winning the jackpot which means you should theoretically place bets on every pay line.

However, there is a catch here. If you do this each time it could eat away at all of your profits quickly. To that end, you need to look at the value of the coins you are playing with as well as the number of coins you want to put into each bet.

For example: betting four coins valued at  0.50 is not the same as placing a single coin bet of $2.00.

These are two examples of bets you can play on the same game, but the outcome you achieve will be quite different. Online slots, to that end, offer identical payouts whether you are betting 1, 2, 3, or more coins. What actually changes is the multiplier which could potentially increase the amount of money you win.  If, for example, you bet one coin you can multiple your winnings by a factor of 1.  If you instead bet two coins, it will increase that multiplier by a factor of 2.  So placing a bet with 4 coins, as per the example above, is the better choice in the game. The biggest difference takes place when you choose to place the maximum amount of coins. This is what increases the potential wins.

After that you need to consider the jackpots. Slots give the biggest possible wins and ensuing jackpots to those who only bet the maximum. That said, if you want to maximize your bets you need to bet big, and bet the maximum. 

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