Guide to Online Casino Progressive Slots

Progressive Slots - Who Wants to be a Multi-Millionaire?  

If you want to learn to play progressive online slots, you are not alone.  Most people don't realize that slot games originally started with the poker machine from 1887. The first automatic payout slot machine was the Liberty Bell in 1891. By 1907 the operator Bell made its way into gambling halls and bars. By 1964 the first electromechanical slot machine was built soon to be followed by video slots in 1976. Since that time slot games have grown in popularity especially with the introduction of online casinos. Online casinos now offer hundreds of slot games with varying payouts, prizes, and jackpots. A progressive slot game is a type of slot game that has a progressive jackpot. You can play Progressive slots online and have the chance to win bigger jackpots than normal games. Progressive slot games have a jackpot, or the gambling grand prize, that increases every time that the game is played. The jackpot progressively increases every time a game gets played. In many cases progressive slots are linked so a handful of slot games played in multiple locations and casinos may all be linked to the same jackpot. The more people are playing, the more money gets placed into the jackpot and the higher that final payout becomes for the person who is lucky enough to win the progressive slot game grand prize.

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How to Play Progressive Slots

Once you know how to play Progressive online slots, things get much less intimidating. Progressive slots function in the same way as regular slots but with the added potential prizes of the progressive jackpots.

When you start to play Progressive online slots you will notice the same themes, grids, and symbols as traditional games. Each game comes with a different set of symbols. Games that are based on a television show, movie, or comic book will have characters and symbols from that television show, movie, or comic book. Games that have an animal theme might feature different animals, games that have an Egyptian themed will have things like hieroglyphs and images associated with Egypt. With every game you play you can read the online rules before you start playing so that you know what each of the pictures represent, and which symbols or images are worth more.

With beginner's Progressive online slots some symbols serve as special symbols. Things like wild symbols or bonus symbols, especially things like jackpot symbols are all important in progressive slot games but they could vary from one game to another which is why those instructions are important.

When you look at your screen for a progressive slot game you will notice a grid structure. The columns that you see running from top to bottom are called reels.  The gridlines you see running horizontally are the lines. The number of each is contingent upon the progressive slot game you are playing. Traditionally games have 3 by 3 grid sets, 3 by 4 grids, or 3 by 5 grids for beginners. The more advanced the game, the higher the money required to play, the more spaces are on the grid.

When you place your bet per spin you place it based on the number of horizontal and vertical squares you can afford. If you place the maximum bet that means that there is a value placed on every single available space so any winning combination or special symbol across any available square will count in your favor. Conversely if you choose to only place your bet on half of the screen and a winning jackpot symbol lands on the other half, you don't win.

Progressive Slots Terminologies

For progressive slot games, the betting terminology is rather limited and similar to other slot games. Words like scatter symbol, wild symbol, or bonus symbol all indicate actions that can be activated in a given game you play. The wild symbol or example represents a specific square across your grid that can be used to create a winning combination. You may not have had a winning combination with three or more spaces but that wild-card completes it for you.  Bonus symbols similarly represent access to bonus rounds, bonus games, sometimes secondary games inside of the original game with its own popup screen. All of the bonus rounds provide ample opportunity to win more money. As mentioned, the “reels” refer to what was once a physical reel that spun, but in this case is virtual. The squares running top to bottom are the reels. The squares running from left to right are the lines. Max Bet means you are placing a maximum bet across all available squares, something most progressive online slot games require in order to win the progressive jackpot. 

Play Online 

With an online Progressive Slots casino you can learn to play jackpot slots online and practice regularly until you find a game you like. If you only want online jackpot slots for beginners, try a game or two at one of the select casinos at  Knowing how to play online jackpot slots makes it much more entertaining which is why you should start with a free play/demo version before you play jackpot slots for real money.

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