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Welcome to True North Casinos.  Before you continue using the website, you will have to familiarize yourself with our Terms & Conditions ("the Terms"). These rules are binding and you must agree with each of the listed points in order to use our website. Please read them carefully.

  • True North Casinos tries to provide readers with authentic and reliable information of key developments in online gambling.
  • The content found on True North Casinos should only be used for entertainment purposes. The information found on our pages doesn't constitute legal advice.
  • True North Casinos will not be held responsible for any damages incurred as a result of direct use of information found on our website. We do not guarantee that the information on our pages will always be accurate, factual or complete. Therefore, we advise readers to do additional research. The same applies for any third-party websites we link out to.
  • Information on True North Casinos is not to be used for legal purposes or as legal advice.
  • In the event you incur damages, the site will not be legally or otherwise responsible.
  • True North Casinos leaves players and readers to decide which games are legal to play in each individual jurisdiction.
  • The information you read on True North Casinos can be changed without prior notification. We strive to keep our pages updated an reflect these changes in a disclaimer.
  • Any links and materials featured on the site are used at your own risk. True North Casinos doesn't bear responsibility for any malicious third-party software that might affect users as a direct use of the site or following with any of the links found here.
  • The user of the website remains responsible for guaranteeing that their device is running the latest anti-virus and anti-malware software.
  • We remind readers that the accuracy of the information found on True North Casinos can vary from one article to the next. We strive to provide the most factual information about gambling, but in the cases where discrepancies occur, we will not be legally responsible for any consequences thereof.
  • Trademarks that are shown on True North Casinos are property of their respective owners.
  • True North Casinos materials are subject to copyright and plagiarizing the site's contents knowingly or by accident can lead to litigation.
  • Users shall not copy, alter or plagiarize information found on the pages of True North Casinos.
  • True North Casinos remains committed to providing readers with accurate and reliable information. In event you spot discrepancies, we kindly ask you to inform us.  
  • True North Casinos is ultimately the sole decision-maker when it comes to editing, adding, or removing existing and new content. Should you come across content that is vulgar or offensive, do let us know so True North Casinos can take the appropriate actions.

Third Party Websites

True North Casinos has links to third-party websites, which come with their specific Terms & Conditions. We advise you to consider reading those specific terms before you proceed to use any third-party websites that we link to. Regarding the accuracy of information found in third-party websites, we are in no way to be held responsible about the completeness of such information. The responsibility for ensuring the usefulness and reliability of this new information lies solely with the webmasters of the respective third-party.

Limitation of Liability

The website and its owners are in no way responsible for any complications that could incur upon using information from the site. All information available on our pages must be used as a source of entertainment rather than legal or financial advice. If you act solely on information you have found on True North Casinos and incur losses in the process, you are to be held as the sole responsible of any such development. We do not warrant that the information found on our website will be up to the required standard nor that it will not be incomplete, delayed or factually inaccurate. While it is our utmost desire to provide you with reliable updates, we again remind you that ultimately you will have to make a judgment call in deciding whether to trust every word found on the site or any third-party websites you visit.

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