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Football Online SportsbooksFootball is, by far, the undisputed champion when it comes to sports betting in the Canada. It's a rite of passage for gamblers looking for a way to feel good and make the most of the new challenges that every fresh season brings. Online football betting involves making a calculated risk that usually sets apart real fans from bettors. If you are a football fan and you have just initiated your journey into the world of NFL or CFL football betting, you have reached the right page.  At True North Casinos, we strive to introduce you to the most popular and advantageous bookmakers and betting sites on the web that cater to the needs of Canadian bettors:

Top Football Betting Sites

Browse our pages and find our impressive collection of top-rated Canadian football bookmakers for the ideal betting experience online. Take a look at the top bonuses for players in the country and make your pick. We strive to keep punters of all levels of expertise constantly updated with the latest news and best upcoming events in the industry.

Best Bookmakers - June 2024


How Do We Compare Football Betting Sites For Canadians?

Given the rich and ever-growing number of Canadian and American football betting sites you can currently find online, each with its own bonuses and promotions, finding the best site to wager on can be a hassle. The True Blue Casinos team has completed all the daunting tasks for you and researched the freshest, most popular betting sites for Canadian bettors.  With the help of extended assessments and testing, our specialists have managed to create a list of the best platforms for Canadian sports bettors. This list is under the constant scrutiny of our expert bettors and it is receiving constant upgrades as new sportsbooks see the light of day or existing ones score poorly on one area or the other.  We follow clear and strict steps and rules when comparing the best football betting sites in Canada and we focus on the following factors when ensuring a site is worthy of making an appearance in our list:

  • a reliable platform that enables bettors to make solid bets

  • excellent odds offered continuously

  • banking options that are fast and reliable

  • rewarding bonuses and special deals

  • the availability of a mobile betting app or site

  • recognition from an official Canadian gambling authority via a current license

  • certified SSL security encryptions

Types Of Football Bets 

Football Sports BookmakersAmerican football gameplay is made of a series of downs which are brief, individual plays. Outside of these plays, the ball is either not in play or dead. The plays can be anything ranging from passes and punts from scrimmage to free kicks like fair catch kicks.  Substitutions are allowed between downs, which allows coaches to enjoy a great deal of freedom when choosing the most skilled players for a certain situation. In American football, each team can have a maximum of 11 players on the field. Each player has his own assigned task to complete. Canadian football is different from the US version, as it requires a maximum of 12 players on the field and has more open lines since the defensive line is only allowed to block a receiver within one yard of the scrimmage lines. NFL allows contact up to five yards from this line. There are other differences that separate the two otherwise similar sports, but given the amazing popularity that NFL has when it comes to Canadian bettors, most eyes are set on NFL bets.   

If you are a big fan of a team part of the National Football League, the National Collegiate Athletic Association or the Grey Cup,  you are probably most likely looking for good sportsbooks with great odds for these events, on top of excellent types of bets to choose from.

Here are a few of the most common types of football bet types in sports betting:

  • Spread betting or "the line" is a type of football bet that balances the winning chance of a bet. Bettors can get the line bet for any of the teams they are interested in and it is usually accompanied by + or – signs, indicators of the team considered the favourite or the loser. The number shown next to the line bet represents the odds or the amount of money that will be won by the bettor provided he wins the bet.

  • Halftime line bets. A bettor can also place an in-game bet during halftime and establish the outcome of the second half, which is the halftime. The results that correspond to the second half-line will be accounted for what happened in the first half, and ultimately determine the results of the remaining plays out. Keep in mind a half-time bet will restart the games at 0-0.

  • First half lines and quarter bets. The majority of sports bettors tend to place their wagers while relying on the expected outcome of the game or match. When it comes to American Football and the NFL in particular, bettors need to focus on the fact that the quarter spreads are used to establish the winner of the first quarter.

  • Moneyline bets are placed on either the favourite or the loser team to win. They are most advantageous when placed on the underdogs.

  • Totals or over/unders are almost as popular as spread bets, given their simplicity. Once the linesmaker will establish the number of total points that will be scored during a game, the bettor ill need to guess whether the total score will g over or under the respective number.  

Major Football Events To Keep An Eye On

The Grey Cup is one of Canada's biggest sporting events that attract the interest of a huge number of TV viewers. The Grey Cup is the name of the championship game of the Canadian Football League, as well as the trophy awarded to the winning team. The cup is contested between the winners of the CFL's East and West conference playoffs.

The NFL was formed in 1920 as the American Professional Football Association prior to being renamed the National Football League. It merged with the American Football League in 1966, and the first Super Bowl was held at the end of the season. Counting the highest average attendance compared to any other professional sports league on the planet, the Super Bowl is also the greatest club sporting event in the world.  The Super Bowl has turned into a huge social event with parties, friends and workplaces running Super Bowl squares to heighten interest in the game.

U Sports Football is the highest level of Canadian football amateur play and it is managed by U Sports. It brings together 27 teams from universities in the country and divides them into four athletic conferences. When each season ends, the winning teams belonging to each of these conferences will reach the semifinal bowl games. The winners of these games will then meet in the Vanier Cup national championship.

The Vanier Cup is the name of the championship of Canadian university football and it is being organized by U Sports and played between the winners of the Mitchell Bowl and the Uteck Bowl.

College football events such as The College Football Playoff National Championship is also extremely popular for Canadian bettors. The event is a post-season bowl game series that gathers the best college football teams in the US in order to establish the national champion of the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Division. The game is the final of the College Football Playoff, which is a bracket tournament played between the top four teams according to the selections of a special committee. The teams participating in the College Football Playoff National Championship are determined by two semi-final bowls.

Why Bet Online On Football?

If you are looking to place your bets using some of the most popular, trustworthy and 100% legal sportsbooks, the internet can provide you with some of the most reliable platforms. True North Casinos introduces you to the most secure Canadian betting sportsbooks where you are guaranteed to always receive your winnings as a result of the regulatory bodies' continuous struggle to look after bettors' best interests.

Canada does not limit players' choices when selecting a licensed bookmaker, so you have every reason to start betting online from the privacy and convenience of your own home. Our platform can help you navigate the crowded realm of football betting online and reach your destination on time!

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