Best Online Football Betting Strategies

by Rae Dover
| 21/10/2020

Canadian bettors love online football betting, whether it is on the CFL, NFL or the NCAA. There are plenty of games each week for us to place successful bets and win money when betting on football online.  This article will provide you with a guide into betting on football and winning.

The Ins and Outs of Football Betting

It is extremely important for you to understand the ins and outs of the game of football when betting on it. You will need to spend time researching each team and the relevant statistics which will help you choose your bets.  We also recommended spending sufficient time looking into the different markets available. You should look at the most popular markets including moneyline, points spread and points total, but there are other ones that provide value. These include team points totals, player propositions and quarter betting, not to mention a wide array of other online football betting types.  If you are not familiar of any of the advanced betting terms or strategies highlighted throughout the article, then we recommend reading our beginner's guide to online football betting to get a better understanding.   

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Football Betting Strategies

Bettors who profit long term have developed certain strategies to help them decide on which bets they are going to play for each game. There are many areas to look into that will help you to predict how the game will play out, which include the following:

  • Points scored / conceded – look to see how many points each team are scoring and conceding over the past few games. You will also want to look at how the home team has performed in just their home games, because they may play differently on the road. You should also do this for the away team.
  • Turnover differential – this involves looking at the difference between a team’s offence turning possession over to their opponent, and the team’s defence getting turnovers from the opposition. If one team has a negative differential and the other one has a positive differential, you should expect to see the team with the positive one having more drives during the game. This increases their opportunity to score points.
  • Quarterback pressure – this is another important statistic to look out for. If a team has been pressuring the opponents’ quarterback in recent games, then the defence is on form and making it hard for the quarterback to throw successful passes.  
  • Starting quarterback – the quarterback is instrumental in how a team performs. If a back-up quarterback is starting, then it may be worthwhile betting against them as they are usually a lot worse than the starter.
  • Injury list – another key factor is who is injured on the respective teams. A star defensive back could be injured for the game, meaning the opposition will have a better chance of throwing the ball. Keep a close eye on this leading up to game time.

Taking your time looking into each point above will allow you to carefully predict how you think the game will end and it will also point you in the right direction as to which markets to place your bets.

Final Steps

The final recommendations we have for online football betting are highlighted below.

Choosing a Sportsbook

When betting on football online, you will need to use an online sportsbook. There are a lot of sportsbooks available to you, so we recommend reading our article on the best online sportsbooks available to Canadian bettors to help you decide on the best ones for you.  Please be aware that sportsbooks do have varying odds, so be on the lookout for the one which offers higher odds for the bet you are looking to place.

Record All of Your Bets

It is highly recommended that all bettors keep detailed records of each individual bet placed. This will show how well your bets are doing and keeping you updated on your overall profit and loss each day.  Keeping accurate records will allow you to analyse which bets are making you the most money and which bets you are constantly making a loss on. Knowing this information can help you with your decision to stop betting on particular markets, so that your profits will increase.

Don’t Chase Losses

Before you start on your betting journey, you must decide on your unit size and make sure you have an adequate bankroll. If you are on a losing streak, please do not get tempted to increase your unit sizes or place bets on games that you weren’t going to, because you want to win the money back that you have lost.  Chasing your losses will end badly and you will definitely end up losing a lot more in the long run.

Know When to Quit

Betting on Football every Sunday is supposed to be an enjoyable experience for you. Even if you have spent a lot of time researching and want to be profitable with your bets, it should make watching the game a better experience and you should be having fun cheering on your bets.  

If you start getting too stressed because your bet looks like it is going to lose, or your mood is completely changed following a losing bet, then you must think about taking a break from betting or even quitting entirely.  Please do not let betting have a negative effect on your mental state. Remember, you can always come back to it after a few weeks if you need a break.

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