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When you play online Blackjack for real money, you get to play Canadian casino games from the comfort of your home while honing advanced strategies. With this game your goal is to beat the dealer without going over 21. As with traditional casinos, when you play real money Blackjack online, the cards are counted as per their face value. 

As a high-stakes gambler, your best strategy for online Blackjack real money games is to have a high bankroll. Statistically speaking it will take you longer to achieve higher results at sites using random number generators. The longer you play, the better your results are. Just as important is being able to play a long amount of time with a high amount of bankroll. The only way to legitimately capitalize upon extra features in bonuses is to be able to bet the maximum which can only be done with a high bankroll.

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High Roller Blackjack Tips

When you are playing online Blackjack like a high-roller you should always hit a soft 17. Make sure that you always split your Aces and your 8’s. If you get 11, double down. If you get a hard 17 or higher, always stand. You should make it a point never to split tens or fives. Never stand if you get between 12 and 16 and your dealer has a 7 or a higher card.

When you are playing you should avoid doing so at any point when you are drinking excessively or when you are incredibly tired. Any situation where your focus and your reasoning is compromised can lead to poorly implemented strategies and outcomes that are not favourable.

It is important as a high roller that you keep your skill set in check. As someone who has played before, having familiarity with a game can accidentally leave you to foolishly believe that you are on a winning streak, and in such a case you might make bets that you wouldn't otherwise make. When you are playing Blackjack you also want to avoid betting for a long amount of time without taking a break. Excessive playing can interfere with your cognitive ability to keep track of your strategy, your wins, and your plays. Even if you are not in a virtual setting you can still get fatigued by sitting at your desk or on your couch and playing. When you are playing any type of slots game online your best bet is to have a high bankroll, play for a long amount of time, and always play the maximum bet. 

No Hot or Cold Streaks in Online Blackjack

When you are playing these games you want to avoid trying to determine hot or cold streaks. Many times the computer will keep a tab in the form of a table which shows the previous 10 or 20 winning combinations and results. With that people will look for patterns. The brain normally seeks out patterns so it makes sense that it would try to do so in this regard as well but that means that the more money you are betting, the higher the risk you are taking on.  Therefore you want to find a way to protect yourself against that risk which is why you will try to find situations where there are clear cut patterns so that you can predict what will happen next. Realistically when a random number generator is involved this isn't going to happen. So it's better to simply focus on having a strategy of when you are going to increase your bets and when you are going to decrease your bets.

Real Money Blackjack - It's a Marathon

When you are playing games like Blackjack you can benefit from long and lucrative up swings if you are patient. So this is a game that truly benefits those with a significantly higher bankroll and the patience and ability to play long-term.

Playing Blackjack Online

Realistically, whether or not you enjoy the atmosphere of casinos, playing online is going to give you significant advantages in terms of your ability to cultivate skill sets that you can later apply to traditional casinos and online casinos as well as financial advantages. The critical difference here is that you get the chance to play Live dealer games if you are doing it online just the same as you would in a traditional casino. Non live dealer versions are digital so the number of cards in the shoe is unlimited. Live dealer games use standard table games and cards the same way they would in a casino but you are just playing online. Either of these situations allows you the opportunity to improve your skills and your confidence. You can start playing online by registering for an account choosing to practice your skills, and making the most out of the bonuses that are offered to you.

Start Playing with New Strategy!

Be sure you read our Canadian online casino reviews to learn which strategies to use for other games too.  With a comprehensive strategy for online, real money Blackjack, play at top new online casinos with ease! If you are ready to have fun and play for real money stakes and rewards, use these tips and strategies online at endorsed Blackjack casinos from True Blue Casinos.

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