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When you play at a Canadian online casino you can enjoy online Keno, win real money, and walk home with confidence in your skillset. Keno is a traditional type of lottery based game where you can play a single round for 5 minutes or longer, really stretching out the pace of the game and allowing you to enjoy the strategies you apply rather than be rushed like you are with slots. With Keno you get a virtual card with a grid on it with sequential numbers from 1 to 80. Your job is to mark up to 20 of those places and effectively wait to see if any of them come up. The amount you win is contingent upon the number of pre-selected numbers which are chosen.

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Using pay tables strategically in combination with multiple cards will enable you to win more often. Your goal here is to maximize the bets you place especially if you have a bigger bankroll to use. As a more advanced player you no doubt know how the basic rules work so now it is time to be strategic about how much you play at once and how you use your winnings. With a real money casino you can play online Keno based on using these advanced keno strategies. First and foremost, as you get better you can apply a strategy of playing as many cards at once if possible. For that, always review pay tables so that you know what the total payout will be for matching different number sets. You might get higher wins for groups of 3 or for landing on a specific number. If you know what those variables are, you can hedge your bets and protect against losses by placing smaller bets on the numbers you know individually offer higher rewards and then spread out the remainder on groupings.  Make sure you can win in groupings at minimum during the rounds where you don’t win the specific number. Then, when you do hit that single number worth more, you can walk away richer then before.

Strategically Manage Winnings

One of the most important things tips to integrate into your strategy with online Keno for real money is to have a set bankroll and a money management strategy. This means having a set amount of money with which to gamble. It also extends to the amount of your winnings that you set aside. You need to be able to save a portion of the winnings but also add a substantial portion of your winnings to your bankroll to pad it. If, for example, you have $10,000 with which to gamble, you might bet one thousand and take home two thousand. With that, if you choose to take 20% of your winnings and set it aside then four hundred of that is set aside, and the remaining $1,600 is put back into your total bank roll. As such, you have now added $600 to the $10,000 you had with which to bet. This increases the amount of money you have with which to bet but, tangentially, it lets you play for longer, maximize your bets, and capitalize upon other bonuses.

Use Casino Bonuses to Play Keno Online

When you play play real money Keno use the bonuses wisely. There are different casino bonuses that can be applied to various games. The bonuses vary from one casino to another but the most common is the welcome bonus or the initial deposit bonus. With this bonus you can maximize the amount of bankroll you have. The higher your bankroll, the better your chances of winning more money however, no matter how much you have, you can always make it bigger and better by using casino bonuses. This should be your first strategy. As a High Roller if you know which game it is that you prefer, find a casino that has favourable playthrough requirement for the specific game you want to play. Use the casino that offers the most lucrative bonus with the most reasonable playthrough requirements. One casino might have a 200% match bonus which means if you had $10,000 with which to play you will suddenly have  $20,000 extra on top of that original $10,000. However if they have stringent playthrough requirements that only apply to a type of game that you aren't interested in playing, it won't do you any good to have that extra money because it can only be applied to those games. To that end, find the playthrough requirements that apply for the game you want, and then find the most lucrative bonus thereafter. An alternative location that has a 100% match bonus or a 150% bonus might give you less money with which to play, but the playthrough requirements could apply to the game that you are playing.

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It is important to practice each of the strategies you are considering. With our best online casino reviews you can find tips for any game you choose. Getting better at advanced strategies requires practice, just like learning how to play a game in the first place requires practice. You can do both by playing endorsed Keno casinos from True North Casinos.


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