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As a fan of Keno now that you have gotten to know the layout of the game end the slower pace but enjoyable speed, it is time to capitalize upon additional incentives. You likely found that the casinos you used to initially practice Keno offered welcome bonuses for the first time you signed up. But now it's time to keep your eyes peeled for the follow-up bonuses and incentives with our Keno guide. Different casinos have different incentives, some on a weekly basis others on a monthly basis. Weekly bonuses typically take place on the same day of the week and you need to be cognizant of which day is favourable toward keno games so that you can capitalize upon that particular day to play. For example, the casino in question might offer extra games of keno but only on Tuesdays if you make a single deposit of at least $20. In that case wait to try these online keno strategies until Tuesday so that you can get that incentive while still playing the game you would have already played.

Best Keno Casinos - June 2024


Play Single Games

Given the pace of the game, this is one where, similar to bingo, you might want to take it upon yourself to attempt multiple games at once as part of your Keno strategies. With this you can make the most of your time, while other tips have help you make the most of your money. With this you may not be able to play multiple games at once of the same variety but you might be able to play different variety simultaneously. Moreover you may very well benefit from playing different online casinos concurrently such that you can play keno in two or three different rooms at once just switching back and forth. Obviously this is something you want to ease into and not something you want to just dive right in doing because it does take a bit of finesse. If you are going to do this of course make sure that you do it at a time and place where there are no other distractions. Playing a single game of Keno is something that you can do while sitting at home, relaxing in front of the TV and only paying half attention but if you are going to switch back and forth and play multiple rooms at once you need to page a bit closer attention to the game itself so that you don't accidentally miss out on the opportunity to mark off all of the numbers that you are projecting.

Measure Your Risk and Reward Ahead of Time

With online Keno, there is a high house edge at top keno casinos, especially compared to other games you might play. So, you need to consider how often you will lose, then measure that risk versus reward before betting as part of your Keno strategies. For example: if the casino in question keeps 40% on average of your wins, then for every one hundred units you bet, they get 40 of those units. Choose smaller bets rather than larger ones to compensate for that.

Slow Down

With Keno, in online settings you are going to see the game take place at a much faster pace. If you have started to familiarize yourself with the game, then you have probably sensed this difference between land based and online casinos. For many, the best part about online versions is that there is no waiting in between games. Instead, they can just play and repeat. While this is can be advantageous especially if you have a limited amount of time, it is always better to slow down and wait in between games so that you can re-group and re-focus. This is the perfect time to take a break and make sure you are sticking to your bankroll so that you don’t forget how to win at keno.

Know Your Keno Odds

With Keno you are typically allowed to choose between 1 and 15 numbers, but this will vary based on where you are playing and which variety therein. One of the best Canadian keno tips is that you do not need to pick all 15, it is simply an option with real money casinos online. It is, in fact, best that you don’t choose the maximum number as your odds of getting all of them are low, and to that end, the bets you place make it better to choose smaller number sets. 

Keno payouts are always based on how many of the numbers you selected were “hit”, or selected. Then it is multiplied by the proportion you placed on the wager. Generally, the more numbers you choose and the more of those numbers which are hit, the greater the payout is. However, you should know what the payouts are for the online casino you have chosen. For example: for 0 hits, the odds are 0.11%; for 1 hit the odds are 1.15%. For 2 hits, the odds go up to 4.97% and for 3 hits, the odds increase to 12.48%. The odds of hitting 4 times get you 20.50% and 5 times comes in at 23.3%. Thereafter, the odds start to diminish so the odds of hitting 5 times are your high point. The odds, for example of getting 6 hits drops to 19%, the odds of 7 hits goes down to 11.32% and the odds of 8 hits brings you right back to that 4.7%. Beyond that the odds get incrementally smaller with the odds of 9 hits at 1.62%, 10 hits at 0.39%, 11 hits at 0.07% and everything thereafter, are quite small. The odds you have of winning are contingent upon the number of spots that you have selected for each ticket. To that end, you should be happy, with this knowledge, when you come away from a game with 4 hits and know that beyond that your chances were slim.

Try These Tips Online 

Overall, with these keno tips you can apply the same skills you acquire in online or traditional casinos and win big.

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