Online Sports Betting in Canada

With a constantly growing and undeniable popularity,online sports betting in Canada is gathering more enthusiastic fans with each passing day.

In an attempt to help you understand the basics and follow the trends, we have set up a brief and detailed guide to online sports betting. We are also going to tell you what are the best sports betting sites that cater to the needs of players in the country. Over the past few years, lots of sportsbooks in the Caribbean, Central America and the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory have been providing passionate punters with top brands and unparalleled services. We have invested our time, energy, and passion for sports to assess, compare and recommend the safest and most reliable online Canadian sports betting sites for you.

The following table contains a list of the best sports betting sites in Canada featuring the most functional, popular, secure, and rewarding picks:

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Select the Best Canadian Sports to Bet On

If you are not very familiar with the Canadian sports betting scene online and should begin by choosing the best sport(s) to wager on. Some punters will rather focus on just one sport in the beginning and take their time to understand all of its ins and outs, then move on to dissecting the markets, odds, and types of bets associated to it. While this approach is a promising one, sports betting in general is not extremely complicated. You do not have to be an expert in placing bets online, computers, or even the sports you wish to wager on to get started on the right track. You can opt for several sports with good odds and rich markets and joggle with a couple that you find most interesting.

Soccer, football, basketball, curling, ice hockey, fantasy sports, and tennis are just a few of the most popular types of sports Canadians enjoy watching, rooting for, and placing bets on. They all gather in millions of viewers both on TV and online, and the provide dozens of different betting opportunities to passionate bettors and novice punters alike. Here at True North Casinos, we have set up the most comprehensive guides and strategies for all of these games. Take a look at our Sports Betting section and select the sport you wish to place your bets on. 

Choose the Best Online Canadian Sports Betting Sites in 2022

Tired of always rooting for your favourite football or ice hockey team in front of your TV, with zero material rewards for it? Do you always guess the results of every game you watch? Wouldn't it be fun to bring some extra spice into the picture and actually win money for your passion and dedication? If you feel you do not have the right knowledge to place a sports wager online, or you want to learn how to place successful bets that will actually win you money, check out our betting tips and instructions for the most popular sports in the country.

One of the most essential tips you should begin with is learning which sportsbooks are most advantageous to join. Making the switch from offline to online sportsbooks means making your way through an overwhelming sea of sports, markets, odds, and sportsbooks. With so many alternatives to assess, and little previous experience to rely on, you are going to need all the help you can get. Here at True North Casinos, we specialise in comparing sportsbooks firsthand, in a detailed, comprehensive, and unbiased manner.

How We Compare the Best Betting Sites for Canadians

The highly competitive character of web sports betting automatically brings excellent benefits to punters looking to place sports bets for the first time. The fast dynamics, changing markets, and constantly evolving odds lead to advantageous offers for punters. The same factors also enable the existence of various rankings of the best sportsbooks out there. We have the right experience and expertise needed to attentively review all types of online sports betting platforms in a 100% objective and honest manner.

Our professional teams of punters use a number of factors that are broken down to every small detail and rated according to clearly defined criteria:

  • welcome bonus packages for newcomers
  • live race streaming solutions
  • loyal member promotions
  • the best odds
  • the best markets
  • the existence of in-play bets
  • odds available overnight
  • site protection and security
  • customer support availability and professionalism
  • mobile betting

We compare all of these elements in real-time and make sure to only recommend the highest-scoring platforms. Keep an eye on our constantly updated rankings and keep up with the hottest upcoming events and the best odds you must take advantage of.

Types of Online Sports Bets for Canadians

True North Casinos online sports bettingBefore you decide to get initiated in the fascinating universe of online sports betting, we strongly suggest you become fairly familiar with the most basic types of bets to choose from. This should help you increase your chances of making bigger profits from day one. Remember the number of betting options that are usually available with each of the sportsbooks we recommend can be mind-boggling. Given Canada's proximity to the US, betting in Canada displays a wide array of excellent sports that are also incredibly popular in the United States. Some of them, however, are more Canadian at heart:

  • Ice Hockey is the most popular sport here, and there are millions of children and adults playing it at all levels of competition. One of the most commonly used types of bets people place on ice hockey is handicapping. It refers to placing a bet on an ice hockey team that will start from a losing position. It is considered a favourable type of a bet provided the odds on this team to win the game outright have a low return on investment.

  • Curling is a sport that has gained a lot of fame during the Olympics, and it also has tons of fans and followers and regular competitions that are broadcast at a national level. Moneyline is one of the simplest types of bets punters who are interested in curling can opt for. Moneyline bets refer to placing a bet on the team one believes will win a match.

  • Football bets are often times placed on Canadian and U.S football games online with the help of Canadian sportsbooks. The National League Football and Canadian Football League are both very high in popularity. Point spread bets are the ultimate leading types of bets when it comes to football. Bettors can bet the favourite give up points, or bet the underdog and receive points. The favourite is expected to win by more than the number of points the bettor has given up.

  • Basketball, baseball, rugby, and some niche sports options such as surfing, skiing, or futsal are also reasonably popular in Canada.

Major Sporting Events

The most popular yearly sporting event in Canada is the Stanley Cup playoffs. This is the ice hockey championship of the National Hockey League with lots of exciting action and goal scoring, featuring the very best teams in North America in the sport often called "the fastest game on ice".

NBA Playoffs and Finals are often times associated with the US, but Canada is also known to excel in this sport as well. Toronto Raptors, the NBA Champions for 2019, are the only team that continues to proudly represent the country in the NBA, with their much-appreciated nationwide fan base.

Curlingthe Tim Hortons Brier. Curling is a fantastic tactical sport spectators love to watch, played out like a game of chess on ice, and Canadians are the best at it. They have won the highest accolade of a gold medal during the Winter Olympics, as well as the most titles in the World Curling Championships.

Why Place Bets on Sports Online?

The best

sports betting sites rely on advanced SSL encryption, high-quality graphics, and popular banking methods that turn sports betting online into a simple, engaging and convenient means of entertainment online.

Check out our top sportsbooks reviews for Canadian bookies and take advantage of the best odds and prices on all of your bets right now!

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