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Why do we use cookies?

In order to provide you with a full range of functions on our website, to better understand your preferences while using our site, and to make the website more comfortable and convenient for you, we use what are called 'cookies'.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files or bits of information saved on your device when users visit our website. This allows our website to recall personal preferences based on previous actions taken while visiting the site. For example, cookies saved to your device will tell our website the next time you visit which language you preferred, what your display preferences were based on the device you were using, and your login credentials. This prevents you from having to enter this information each time you come back to visit, or each time you change from one page on our website to  another.

Your options

By visiting our website you agree to the use and storage of cookies on your device. It is possible to view the website without the use of cookies but some parts may not function properly and your navigation may be slower.

You do have the option of choosing not to have cookies stored on your device by deactivating the options within the settings area of your browser. You can also navigate the settings area to delete any currently stored cookies at any time. However, please bear in mind that if you do not accept the use of cookies when visiting our website it can restrict the functionality of the site and the services we offer there.

Types of cookies

We use cookies that serve different functions. Our  cookies can be used for the storage of technical terms, referred to as  Technical necessity. Some cookies are only stored for a specific length of time,  referred to as storage duration. Others are stored by us or a third-party, referred to as cookie provider.

  • Technical necessity

These cookies are technically necessary in order for our website to function the way it is intended. The technical necessity cookies are automatically put on your device when you access the website unless you have set your browser to reject the storage of cookies before visiting the site. There are some cookies that fall under the technical necessity category that are not required in order for our website to work properly but they are still stored on your device because they improve the performance and the convenience for you. Information stored under this category includes technical data pertaining to how often you visit our site, and which pages you visit the most, all of which is used to better target your needs.

  • Storage duration

Cookies that are stored under this category pertain to 3 separate areas of information. Session cookies, as the name suggests, are only used while you have an open session with our website. As soon as you leave the website or you log out,  the information is gone. It is only used to help you while you are on the site. Permanent cookies are the second area of information that is stored for a longer amount of time. This information allows our website to recognize you from your device when you access our site at another time. This makes it faster for you to log in and use the functionality of the website because the site remembers things like which language you prefer. These are deleted after a predetermined amount of time. The third area of information includes flow cookies which we use to better communicate between our internal servers. These are only placed on your device when you start navigating our website and they are deleted once you stop your navigation. They do not gather any data about you as the user or the customer. 

  • Cookie provider

Provider cookies are stored and used by third parties specifically for actions like web analytics. External providers can rely upon those cookies in order to fine tune the advertisements they display or integrate social networking content like social plugins.

Use of Cookies for Web Analytics and Reach Measurement

To that end, we rely upon Google Analytics which is a web analytics service offered by Google incorporated. Google uses cookies to identify your preferences when you visit our site, and the frequency with which you visit certain areas there in. This information is generated by the cookie and transferred to a Google server where it is stored.  Google uses this information thereafter to analyse your use of our website, create reports pertaining to this use for our company, and performs services associated with internet usage and our site. Google can transmit this information to third parties if required by law or if Google needs third parties to process the data.

You can choose to deactivate Google Analytics if you have a browser add-on. This will prevent a website analysis from taking place. The add-on can be downloaded here.

This add-on will opt out of storing information on your device which is stored specifically for use by Google Analytics. It is important to note that this type of opt out service only deactivates the use of Google Analytics and does not deactivate the use of other cookies from your device.

If you would like to deactivate other cookies, the most common cookies we use on our website include Google Analytics from Google and Facebook Pixel from Facebook. Google Analytics is used by Google, as mentioned, and allows our website to learn more information about the way you use our site, which page is you visit, how long you visit, and what websites you visit before you end up at hours. The Facebook cookie allows our website to optimize and measure our audiences so that we can better craft advertising campaigns.

Changes to the policy

We reserve the right to change our cookie policy from time to time. If any changes are made they will be posted on this page.

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