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When you are playing online for real money, you need roulette tips and strategies to help you advance your skill set. With roulette you can play real money roulette games with a variety of betting options, such as black or red, even or odd, individual numbers, groups of numbers, pairs, or sets of 6, even 12. Each of the bets you make bring with them different odds and different rewards. You are not limited in terms of how many selections you make. For example: a beginner might place bets on black, even, groups, and a single number just to cover their losses. An advanced player might avoid the odd/even, black/red options and go strictly for numbers. When playing online roulette for real money, wins are possible when you find the right money management system and strategy.

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The 50/50 Approach 

One of the safest ways to play roulette is using what is called the 50/50 approach. Whether you are trying to understand the long-term occurances of roulette or you just want to get in extra practice, with this method you can stick to outside bets and when you do place your bets, place a small bet. Then, when your bankroll is ready you can commit to a longer session and revert to a standard strategy without having lost any money during the regular gameplay. 

Inside bets versus outside bets is something you need to understand as you become more well-versed in roulette. Roulette players need to have a proper understanding of the statistical advantage of different placements for their bets. Many experienced players will opt only to place bets on the inside because of the potential wins and higher volatility which naturally means higher win amounts.  Casual players who are simply practicing or transitioning from a newcomer to a middle-of-the-road player can stick to a balanced approach that includes outside bets of red/black and odd/even. As you become aware numerically and you gather a higher bankroll you can start transitioning to the inside bets, knowing that while they have greater risk they also have greater potential return.

Tangentially, it is important when you play roulette to be patient and not chase your losses. When losses happen let it go and continue on with your strategy so that you can better manage your bankroll. When you play online roulette win real money but protect your wins too with patience and bankroll management. 

Reverse Martingale

Reverse Martingale strategy is a positive version of the traditional Martingale system which is commonly called the reverse Mayer technique. This technique requires you to double your bets each time you win but, stop betting each time you lose. The trick with this particular strategy is that you know when to hold firmly to the game and commit, but you also know when to leave. Obviously if you are placing your bets successfully and doubling your wins with online casinos for real money, it won't go on forever so you should continue to capitalize upon a winning streak but then, when things take a turn, get out. 

D’Alembert System

This particular strategy is one named after a popular French gentleman who incorrectly believed that the more often you flipped a coin and it landed on heads, the more often it would likely land on tails afterward. In spite of this funny story, the system requires you to start with an even bet worth, for example, 5 units. If you win the game with your five units bet, you keep your stake with the same amount for the next game. But if you lose, you have to increase your original five unit bet by five units. The rule is to increase by the same amount. 

So, if you lose during the first round of roulette, then you have to double your bet and if you lose that you have to add another five units so that you are betting a total of 15 units. However, if you win, you decrease your bet by a single unit never going below the 5 unit mark. The theory behind this system is that you would win the same amount as you lose and when you continue utilizing the system, you come out with a profit at the end. 

The reverse version of this strategy uses even money bets such as high or low, red or black, and odd or even. With this system you place your bets and then you double that amount each time you win, anytime you lose you cut that amount in half.

Fibonacci System

The Fibonacci System is a simple way to use reliable mathematic formulas. With this, you start on the second 1, from the right side of the center. After that, you place 1 unit on that space. If you lose, you move one place counter-clockwise, to the number 2 space. If you win the bet, then you move two spaces backward or clockwise. 

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