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When you play, online Craps, real money wins are a possibility for those using advanced strategies. You can play Canadian casino games from the comfort of your home and apply high roller tips to make the most of your budget.

Craps is a game that is very old, but one that remains popular and entertaining. Craps is usually more of a social game because those placing bets can win if the main player wins.  When placing bets for craps online, the set up is the same. You are betting that the person rolling (virtually) the dice will get a favourable outcome, or an unfavourable outcome. You place bets on the pass line or the don’t pass line. When playing online you might not get the same social environment or excitement but that doesn’t mean you can’t still make a great deal of money playing craps.

Strategic bets start by placing three dollars for a 3 way bet each time you play, in conjunction with the pass line bet. The reason you want to do both simultaneously is that the pass line bet you place will protect you against an outcome of 7’s. The three dollars on that three way bet cover you for the numbers 12, 3, and 2 at a bet amount of one dollar each. The payout for the 12 and the 2 is a total of 30:1 while the payout for the 3 is 15:1. So, if you get 12 or 2, then you walk away with thirty dollars in winnings. If you get 3, you walk away with fifteen dollars in winnings. With this you want to bet forty dollars for the pass line. To really up your skills and strategy, add to that a bet of $5 for the 10, 9, 5, and 4, as well as a bet of $6 for 8 and 6. To familiarize yourself with the online craps game terms used in this article, refer to the online craps guide at True North Casinos.

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Online Craps - Money Management

One of the best tricks that you can use as a high-stakes player with online craps for real money in order to win big is to utilize a budget. This means strategically planning to bet with a certain amount of money, called your bankroll. After this,  the goal is to always save a percentage of your winnings from the real money casino. To that end, if you have $5,000 with which to bet, each time you place a bet and you win, you might put 10 or 20% aside and then continue playing with the remainder of your bankroll. The result could be that the bank will you have in your hand with which to continue betting fluctuates and as it ebbs and flows you are still seeing it increase just not necessarily as dramatically as it would if you kept everything in your bankroll. Remember this strategy is one that helps you to slowly siphon your winnings away while still enabling you to play for a lengthy amount of time, increasing your chances of subsequent wins and keeping your bank roll high enough that you can capitalize upon maximum bets.

Stay Lukewarm

When you play real money Craps you need to understand that there is no such thing as a hot or cold virtual table. It is a myth that a specific table or dealer falls under that category.  This was just something that high-stakes rollers fell victim to more often in a physical Casino, it still happens with virtual settings. Inside an online casino you might believe that one room is hot or one table is hot while another is cold but realistically it's a random number generator. That means there's no chance of it being hot or cold. It is literally just random so your odds are not increased by picking one table over another.

Trust Your Gut Playing Real Money Craps

Even if you've been playing the game for awhile and you think that you have a reliable system - you have figured out how to play the game, played for a while now, and you get consistent returns when you play long-term. Now, these strategies will only get you so far. These strategies serve as a great foundation and they help you to make proper bets based on what  you think.  In spite of any strategies you are using in any perceived winning streaks, sometimes it simply better to trust your gut if you're unsure of what move to make. Statistically, trusting your instincts won't lower your chances of winning so it's important to have fun while you play as well. If you've ever heard of beginner's luck, that's really what it is. It is simply people who don't know what they're doing but they trust their gut because they don't yet know any effective strategies so they're not trying to count cards or figure out how many decks were used and instead they just play on instinct. Now, don't rely on this regularly for your long-term strategy but integrate it. If you have a regular strategy you or using as a high roller player and then during one particular hand you are unsure, trust your gut.

Start Your Strategies today

The best thing you can do is practice each of these tips by going online and playing regularly. The only way to get better at utilizing these strategies is to implement them one at a time at  With our sanctioned top Canadian casino reviews you can search for, and play, the best online Craps, win real money, and keep your winning streaks going.


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