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Are You Game for Craps?

If you are looking for a guide to online craps, look no further. With beginners craps online you will be able to understand why the loudest group of players in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino are always the people standing by a craps game table. You might not understand how it works now but by the end of this page, with any amount of luck, you will be able to play craps online with all the same yelling and enjoyment that you've always seen in a traditional casino. The name for the game might tug a smile from the corners of your mouth but the original name was “crapaud” which refers to the term toad in French.

When it was initially played the game of craps didn't have a fancy table. Instead it was played on the floor so players had to squat down on the ground as they played the game, hence the name in reference to the toad like appearance of people squatting down. Originally the game was played by Roman soldiers and they didn't have all of the same modern amenities that we use today. They carved small cubes using the knuckles of pigs which is why today when you roll the dice in a craps game it's also referred to as rolling the bones.

The game made its way to France and then to England,  before eventually landing in New Orleans. The modern version that we play today was constructed in 1865. It continued until the 1990s when modernized versions of craps made their way to the internet and online casinos. Now players might not be standing around a physical table but the virtual game generates just as much excitement.

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Basic Online Craps for Beginners

As you learn to play craps online all of the forthcoming explanations will get a bit easier to understand but for now let's go over the basics. When you play craps online the first thing you should know is that you could be the person rolling the dice and if you land on a winning figure, you could win for everyone who has placed a bet on that table. That is why the crowds are always so loud and excitable, because anyone who is playing is literally rolling the dice in that moment could mean a win for everyone else. When you place a bet in this game you are either betting that the dice will land favourably or unfavourably. So you place a bet that is in for a passing figure or against a passing figure all of which will make slightly more sense when you see the terminology.

Best Craps Casinos - June 2024


Craps Terminologies

There are different terms used for online craps the same as traditional craps. The past line is one of the most commonly used bases in any game and this is where you place your bets. In a virtual setting you will still see the past line and you will have to click there to place your virtual bets. If you want to bet against a favourable outcome for the individual who is rolling the dice, something that you can do in order to make money just as successfully, you use what is called the don't pass line. understanding these terms will make it a lot easier to understand the rest of the rules.

When it comes to the bets you place, the come bet has very similar rules to the pass line bet except that it is played over the span of two rounds instead of just one round. In the first round you put your bet on the pass line and if the player, or in this case, you or the machine, rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 then the bet you placed gets moved to the relevant number space and it stays there until you win or lose.  Just the same as with the pass line vs the don't pass line, you can choose to place your bet on the don't pass bet section.

If instead you want to place your bet not on the overall likelihood of a favourable or unfavourable figure but instead on a specific number being rolled, you can do that. You use what is called the place box. This will be located on your screen typically at the top above the column line and you place your money on the specific number that you think is going to be rolled. There are other sections on the slightly overwhelming craps table were you can bet that the number rolled will be either a 6 or an 8 in which case you get an even money payout. The box has those figures contained in it and is typically located at the bottom left corner of the table. On the right hand side there are sections for what is called the hard way bet. That is where you place a bet that the dice are rolled as a pair will produce a set of 4, 6, 8, or 10. This type of bet is very tricky and statistically less likely than other types but it has a much more favourable payout in the end.

The last bet, but not the least, is called the one roll bets and they are exactly what you think they are, a bet on the very next roll only. These are incredibly risky but they can be very rewarding. On the right hand side of the craps table you will see a grid feature that has 8 squares, 4 columns by 2 rows inside of which are the different one roll bet options.

Time to Practice!

Now that you know how the game of craps came about and what the different spaces on the table are, it's important to practice. You will learn how to play online craps by practicing, placing your bets, and seeing how much you win. You can try a game of craps online at one of the casinos listed at True Blue Casinos.

Play first for free using the demo games and as you learn to play, you can start to enjoy real money betting.

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