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If you have started to play craps you have some familiarity with the game that is epitomized as the most popular social game, one which has people all around the table clapping and cheering in movies. That said as you start to play more often, you need to develop more advanced Craps strategies to help you improve your bankroll as you improve your skills.  To familiarize yourself with Craps terms used in this article, refer to the craps guide here at True North Casinos.  

Proper online craps strategies as an amateur player require you to minimize the house edge while of course staying entertained and having a good time. Craps has some of the best odds you will find it online casinos and is in fact one of the simplest games to play. The most popular and rudimentary bet is the pass line which has a house edge of just 1.41%.  If you are playing online, only making wagers on the pass line is not going to keep you entertained for very long.  To that end there are different strategies you can employ as a more advanced player to keep yourself entertained online while mitigating losses.

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The Lowest House Edge 

If you want to focus on maintaining the lowest house edge as part of your Craps strategy, you can simply play the don't pass at the minimum bet amount. Then you can back the original bet with a maximum odds once you establish a point. This rudimentary don't pass that brings with it 1.36% house edge has which are lowered when the odds that says bring to the table, no pun intended, no house edge. At online casinos you can lay the odds with your wager up to 100 times your original bet which means that with the combined house edge of the don't pass and the maximum odds you can bring the house edge down to 0.014%. This type of strategy is one that you can employ with the don't come back as well

The Iron Cross Strategy

For more advanced Canadian Craps tips, there is another strategy called The Iron Cross, also referred to as anything but seven. This is better for players who want to win a lot but it does make the number 7 your worst enemy because using the strategy of the Iron Cross makes it such that you will win on any number except for the number 7. 

Utilize this strategy you can, for example, place a bet of 10 units on Place 5, an additional 10 units on the field, 12 units on play 6, and 12 units on Place 8. With this your total debt per round is 44 units but it guarantees that you will win as long as there is any roll but number seven. This that doesn't necessarily have the lowest house edge but it is a fun way for you to enjoy craps especially if you like to win almost every time.

Wild Bet Strategy 

Another of the best online Craps "systems" is the Wild Bet strategy. This is a scheme that should only be used if you are focused on winning big no matter how long it takes and you don't mind losing your bankroll fast so long as the opportunity to win big is present. Using this method the house edge will be very high and your bets will only last for a single roll but it has the potential for bigger payouts. 

To utilize this strategy you can place your wager on a 7, 8, or 12 as those have to pay out of 30 to 1 or on 11, but this brings with it the payout of only 15 to 1. This is called a hi-low bet and the Hi-Lo bet has a house edge of 11.11 %. The Wild Bet strategy requires you place a bet on the 2 or 12, as well as on the 11. The idea with this game plan is to place a bet on both. There is a much greater risk with this type of bet but there's also a greater chance of winning. So, if you are looking for a more exciting strategy, one that has higher risk but a higher potential payoff, this is it!

Focus on Playing Right

Canadian Craps tips don’t just include ways to bet, but also learning how to focus. If you want to focus on playing the game well you simply can't divert your attention while focusing on the chip or the money. At the top Canadian online casinos you can check the amount of your bank roll with nothing more than the click of a button which makes many people succumb to the trap of micro-managing their account and checking all the time. This is never more true than it is when someone is on an upswing because they'll check their balance regularly just to feel good about themselves in their progress.

Tracking those positive games can make you feel really good but the sad truth is that all it takes is one beat, one hand for number to go down and it can go down substantially which in the long term doesn't matter but if you're checking eventually will make you feel worse. Tangentially, if you see the number dip you will focus on getting it back to where it was at its high point and getting it back quickly but once you  feel the need to chase your losses you aren't going to focus as clearly on the game.

Be Ready to Win!

Now you know how to win at Craps, sign up and start playing craps for real money at virtual venues from our updated Canadian online casino reviews!

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