Everything You Need to Know About Risk Free Sports Bets in 2023

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by Rae Dover
| 21/02/2022
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Gamblers looking for a new sportsbook to sign up for often look into the different welcome bonuses that are offered. It's a well-known fact that these offers ensure that customers are rewarded for signing up, and there are very few offers that are as intriguing as risk free bets. You can learn all about the risk free bets bonus in this article, and how you will be able to take advantage.

What Is A Risk Free Bet?

Online risk free bets are extremely popular, mainly due to how they are received by customers. The offer will ensure that customers will not lose their first bet stake even if their selection fails to win. It works very straightforward. Customers will place their opening bet with the new sportsbook, and should the selection win, then they will receive the returns. However, if their selection loses, then the gambler will receive the stake that they have wagered as a free bet bonus. It ensures that a gambler's first experience with the top online sportsbooks that offer this bonus is a positive one, as they are guaranteed not to lose money after making their opening wager. In some cases, the no deposit bonus is also available to existing customers as well as new ones. This ensures that the best online risk free bets sportsbooks excel at ensuring that their customers are left satisfied with their experience with the bookmaker.

How To Take Advantage Of A Risk Free Bet

Taking advantage of the sportsbook risk free bets is easy for customers. Before signing up for a new sportsbook, gamblers must first look out for the welcome bonus that will say 'Money Back If Loss.' This would indicate that the sportsbook that you're looking at offers the risk free bet bonus. Firstly, you should sign up to the desired sportsbook that offers this bonus, which includes entering your full name, address and determining a password. After your account has been set up, and you have verified your email address, you will be able to add funds to your account. It is important to consider the terms and conditions of the offer before making your first deposit to avoid any disappointment with taking advantage of the offer. These are some of the common terms and conditions that you can expect to find when taking advantage of one of the best online bonuses:

  • Maximum opening bet
  • Only applies to certain payment methods
  • Minimum opening bet
  • Wagering requirements
  • Qualifying bet must be made at odds of at least evens

After these terms have been understood, gamblers will be able to make their opening deposit to their new account. You must then make your first bet while following the minimum odds that are determined by the respective sportsbook. After the bet has been made, you will then have to watch the action unfold before finding out whether you have a winning wager, or you will be getting the risk free bonus cash. Should your bet be a losing one, then the risk free bet will be credited to your account almost immediately.

Why Take Advantage Of A Risk Free Bet

A risk free bet is one of the most exciting offers that gamblers will be able to find online, as it will present gamblers with a second chance of having a winning opening bet. No bettor would want to sign up for a sportsbook and see their opening bet mean a first loss, and this offer ensures that the gambler's first experience with their new sportsbook will not be a disappointing one. The importance of this offer can't be underestimated, and that is why a variety of the leading sites offer it. Taking advantage of any welcome offer when you're a new customer is essential, as it will present gamblers will extra money to play with. This will not only give gamblers a better opportunity of gaining returns on their opening bet, but it will also give them an opportunity to understand the markets that are available to them. That is especially the case should the new customer be a brand new customer to online gambling. The risk free bonus is also an intriguing bonus, as it will allow the gambler to have an increased opportunity to gain returns from their first day. Gamblers will have two opportunities to gain returns by using this bonus, as they will have the risk free bonus cash to bet with should their initial wager not be a successful one.

Our Summary

Risk free bets are one of the most intriguing bonuses that are available online, as they ensure that new customers will not have a negative experience after making their first bet. Should their first wager be a losing stake, then they will have the opportunity to make another bet before their stake is actually lost. The bonus amount is credited immediately to the bettor, which means that gamblers can quickly make the most of the bonus. The bonus is sometimes also open for existing customers, which means that it isn't just new customers that are able to take advantage.

Find out about the leading sportsbooks to offer risk free bets right now, and start making bets on the biggest sporting events.


What Is A Risk Free Bet?

A risk free bet will see customers get their stake back should their opening bet be a losing wager. The bonus will be credited to your account as a free bonus.

What are the Pros of Risk Free Bets?

Risk Free Bets is like an insurance for new players. It increases the bettors chances of profiting over the initial bet at a sportsbook, and it is credited immediately.

Are there any Cons to Risk Free Bets?

The initial sports bet placed must be on even odds or higher to be eligible, and might be limited when using specific payment methods.

Are There Terms And Conditions That Must Be Followed To Take Advantage?

Every sportsbook is different regarding the terms and conditions that must be followed to take advantage of this bonus. Some factors that must be considered are qualifying odds, payment methods that can be used and maximum stake.

Are Risk Free Bets Only Available To New Customers?

Some sportsbooks also offer risk free bets to existing customers.

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