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Video Poker - Let's Make a Deal

Video Poker is a video, or electronic version, of traditional classic poker. Video Poker beginners need to learn to play video poker, what hands will win the pot, and what the rules are for placing bets.  Video Poker became popular during the early 2000's when more and more players were turning to safer online casinos to access classic video poker games. Video Poker designs use the same rules and styles as regular poker but instead of players only being able to visit physical casinos and play on a machine, they can now play on any device from the comfort of their home or anywhere else.

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How to Play Video Poker

When you start with online poker for fun, you will be able to learn the basics before real money is involved. Video Poker is best played online and is quite popular because there are many varieties from which to choose. You can visit one Casino site or sit down in front of one terminal at a casino and pick from multiple options. Each of these options are things that offer different odds and winning potential.

When you play video poker online, the winning hand is based on the variant you play.  Playing traditional video poker, you would play in somewhat the same fashion as you would play at a table in a casino. Some video poker variance like deuces or higher allow you to play with the cards featuring the numerical value of 2 being minimum requirements for a pair. In some cases the games give you a higher payout for having three of a kind. These variants focus more heavily on only obtaining three of a kind. When you play online it can be much more rewarding as a newcomer because you don't have to worry about all of the different winning combinations in a traditional game. You don't have to keep tabs on which options you have based on the cards you were dealt and make your decision to fold or continue to play. Instead, you simply look at the five cards on your screen and choose to fold or swap virtual cards in order to get whatever is the most important for your variance. Again, if you are playing a variant of video poker where the goal is to get two of a kind, then you can choose to swap as many cards as you were dealt in order to get as many pairs as possible of the highest rank. If your goal is to get three of a kind or cards with the number to count as wild carts and increase your score, then you can choose to trade out the cards you were dealt in order to try and achieve this goal.

Another attractive feature to playing video poker online is that you do not play against any other Live players. There is no physical dealer. Instead you are just playing against a computer. This can alleviate a lot of the stress and embarrassment associated with being a newcomer in a live casino setting. With these online games you can also start off with something like Deuces or higher and then decide that you don't like that variant after you have tried it. So all you have to do is go back to the main screen and pick from one of the other video poker options. If you play video poker online for free you can try all of the different available variants before you bet any real money. This gives you the chance to learn how each game differs from one another and find the one that you like best.

Betting Terminologies

The betting terminologies for video poker are almost nonexistent. You don't have to know most of the terms you would need for a live poker game. You control everything from your console and you simply touch the screen to place your bets, exchange your cards for new cards, or fold. All of these are on your screen in the form of a button usually on one side of the screen and you simply press that button to complete whatever action you want.

Play Online

You can play online video poker for free, just to test out the skills you have learned. With a great casino review portal like True North Casinos you can research where to first try a demo or free play version of video poker to make sure you truly enjoy the game before you start placing real money bets. This gives you the chance to play different variants of poker, figure out whether you want to apply strategies to your game or simply go with the flow. If you find out you really love it, you can easily make the transition to live games with other players, online tournaments, and real money card games.

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