Guide to Online Casino Slots


What are Slots?

Slot machines originally hit the market in 1887 with the first poker gambling machine. By 1889 this first slot machine was upgraded to include an automatic payout. This machine was called the Liberty Bell. When you won the payout would be released under the game itself in much the same way as payouts were released for the next hundred years. In 1907 the machine called the Operator Bell was released with the special pull handle and this was the first machine that contain the symbols of fruit and the bar symbol. The slot games did not become an electromechanical until 1964 with the game called Money Honey. The first video slot was designed in 1976 called Fortune Coin. Today slot games can be played on any number of devices from all over the world and those who are fans of the original Operator Bell can still find slot games that feature the fruit symbols and the bar symbols.

Best Slots Casinos - June 2024


If you want to know how to play online slots, rest assured, this guide will help you. When you play online slots casino sites offer hundreds of options at times, so it can be difficult to know where to begin. Thankfully, most True North reviewed casinos have a filter tab or section where you can search for beginner's online slots specifically.

How to Play Slots

Slots Symbols
When you learn to play online slots, you will notice that each game has different symbols. Games that have comic book themes will probably have symbols from the comic book. Online slots with television based themes will have symbols from the television show.  All of the symbols you see on the games you play relate to the overall theme. Playing a food game will probably show many symbols of foods. Playing an underwater game will probably show symbols pertaining to underwater creatures.  With each game you can read the rules before you play which will tell you the value of each symbol. some symbols serve as wild symbols and other symbols activate bonus rounds. The special symbols will vary from one game to another which is why each slot games you play in online casinos comes with an instruction button you can click on to read about the game before you start.

The reels on different slot games are the columns you see across your screen. The number that you have varies from one game to the next. You might have 5 columns all the way across your screen, 6 columns, or maybe a unique pyramid shape. The lines run in the horizontal direction and these might appear in sets of three or five, maybe even six or seven depending on the game.

The variations in terms of how many of each you have on your screen dictate indirectly how much you can win or how much you can bet. Theoretically, if you have a high number of lines or reels,  you can place bets on each combination running horizontally and vertically. When you place a maximum bet that means you are placing a value on each one of the available spaces in this table. If you only choose a few of the lines, any winning symbols that appear on those lines will bring with them a reward. But if you get something like a wild symbol or a very lucrative winning combination that falls outside of the lines on which you have placed your bets, you do not win that value. Games with the traditional 3 by 5 grid structure do not cost as much per bet because you don't have to pick dozens or more combinations. You are only picking the 3 by 5 section.

Starting Out
Online slots for beginners have very low risk, especially when you play games with a higher return to player percentage. When you play slots online you can find games that have limited rules, simple structure, high-return two-player percentages, and low starting bets. That is why most of the entry-level games have that 3 by 5 grid design. There are plenty of fun slot games for beginners that have a larger structure, some might be designed similarly in their gameplay to video games or cell phone games where you try to match a certain set of characters or symbols horizontally or vertically to make winning combinations of points.

Slots Terminologies

For traditional slot games, the betting terminology is rather limited. Words like scatter symbol, wild symbol, or bonus symbol all represent actions that can be activated in a game when you are playing. A wild symbol can represent something like access to a winning combination where their previously wasn't one. A bonus symbol might represent access to a special secondary game within the original game where you have the chance to win more money. 

Play Online 

Now that you know about beginner’s online slots, check out where you can try a game or two from the best Canadian casinos online. You can use the Free Play version or demo version to learn how the game works before you start playing with real money. Once you find a game you truly enjoy you always place your wagers on a real money slot.

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