Online Caribbean Stud Poker Tips and Strategy


If you have tried your hand at Caribbean stud poker once or twice now, you no doubt understand why it's so appealing and now it’s time to master how to win at Caribbean Stud Poker. This form of Poker takes on different elements by giving you the opportunity to play against the house rather than against the other players. Whereas traditional poker forces you to Bluff regularly and try to read the other players, these Caribbean Stud Poker strategies allow you a much more stress-free environment just playing against the house. 

Top Canadian Caribbean Stud Poker Tips

As an amateur player with some familiarity it's now time to learn online Caribbean Stud Poker tips like what the best possible hands are so that you can try to get those as part of your strategy. With the Caribbean stud poker guide you can learn what hands to aim for at real money casinos online.

Best Caribbean Stud Poker Casinos - May 2024


A royal flush is when you get 5 high cards that all have the same suit, in sequence.  For example, the Ace of Hearts, King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, Jack of Hearts, and 10 of Hearts is a royal flush and the payout for that is 100 to 1. a straight flush is when you get 5 cards in a row that all have the same suit and follow in order sequentially such as the four of Spades, five of Spades, six of Spades, seven of Spades, and eight of spades. This hand will give you a payout of 50 to 1. The next highest is four of a kind and this, as the name suggests is when you get four cards that are all the same value such as for cards that have a numerical value of 9 and then any other remaining fifth card. This gives you a payout of 20 to 1.

Basic Caribbean Stud Poker Strategies

With basic strategies for Caribbean stud poker you can reduce the house Edge from 5.2% to just about zero as long as you use a strategy correctly. There are two key things you want to do as an amateur player at our sanctioned casinos.

Remember too that when you play with these basic strategies you do not have to bet money the first few times. You can, instead, use free demo versions before you commit your bankroll so that you try the tips first, master them, and then use them for real money games. The first is to avoid folding when you have small pairs. It's going to happen regularly that you end up with hairs that have a low denomination, but these are going to be quite valuable compared to having no winning hand whatsoever. With the small pairs you can knock the dealer out of the game more often than you think so keeping those low pairs instead of folding is going to help you long term.

If you have a very weak hand you should absolutely full. Any hand that doesn't have an ace or a king and otherwise has nothing of potential value won't help you win the bigger payouts with things like a royal flush or four of a kind so avoid playing that hand. 

Advanced Online Caribbean Stud Poker Strategies

Beyond the basic strategy of when to stay in the game and when to leave the game, you need to know what moves you should make throughout the game. If you get a hand that has at least a pair of cards or better you should absolutely call. But beyond that, if you see that the face up card or the dealer matches one of your cards you should call. If you see the face up card for the dealer is an ace or a king and your hand consists of only a Jack or a queen you should fold. If the face up card for the dealer does not match any of yours and you have a queen, and the face up value of the dealer’s card is less than your fourth-highest, definitely call.

There in mind that once you call you have to place a bet that is at least equal to double your original. So, if your original bet was $5 and you decide to call the amount you bet when you call has to be $10 which means the total you are wagering is $15. 

If you do not have at least one high card in your hand you should fold. The Dealer's hand will typically qualify 50% of the time. A hand that qualifies is literally any hand that has some type of winning combination. So, your hand has to be strong enough to beat whatever the dealer has. If you have a high card, a king or an ace, you should absolutely play that hand especially if your high card matches or is worth more than the exposed card you can see for the dealer. 

Play Today

Now that you've started to learn more strategies it's time to implement some of these Caribbean Stud Poker tips.

Practice makes perfect, so sign up today at one of True North's casinos to start trying out your new strategies and win big with online Caribbean stud poker.

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