Tennis Betting Online - Tips and Strategies

by Rae Dover
| 24/09/2020

If you’ve been having sleepless nights recently - wondering how to bet on tennis and win, then you have come to the right place. We have put together this short article to share with you some of the top tennis betting strategies you can use in 2021, and the best part is that all of the strategies we will discuss with you are super easy to implement. There is no need for any kind of advanced software and no need to be a mathematical whizz to improve the way you place your tennis bets, as you will soon find out. All you need is a basic understanding of tennis and tennis betting, so, if your are new to the tennis scene, it might be best to read over our beginner's guide to online tennis betting before delving into more advanced betting strategies here.

Before we jump into the thick of things, we should state that tennis is one of the top sports you can bet on. Since there are just two outcomes possible in any game, combined with the fact that there are tennis tournaments taking place all year long, this sport has been a favorite among sports bettors all over the world for many years. 

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Bet on Grand Slam Tennis for Extra Bonuses

The first tennis betting strategy we’d like to share with you is specifically for the most prestigious events of the tennis calendar - Grand Slam tennis. There are four Grand Slam tournaments that are held every single year, starting with the Australian Open in January, then the French Open in May, followed by Wimbledon in June/July, and finally the US Open in September. These are the biggest events in both men and women’s tennis, so with that in mind, it’s no surprise to learn that the best sportsbooks online come up with great bonuses for such events.

It is actually fairly common for online betting sites to come up with free bets, profit boosts, and even enhanced odds markets for key games when these tournaments are on. Naturally, different sites will have differing bonuses, but on the whole, there is rarely a shortage of promotions on the table for when these events are played. Of course, you can use these bonuses to wager on the Grand Slam markets without always risking your own cash, which is always nice!

Pay Attention to the Surface and Bet Against the Favourite 

Concerning how to bet on tennis to win, it is absolutely pivotal that you pay close attention to the surface that the tournament is being played on. In tennis, there are three main surfaces that tournaments can be played on - hard courts, clay courts, and grass. It goes without saying that different players perform better on different surfaces, and this can provide great opportunities from a sports betting perspective. For example, if you find a highly ranked player who comes up against a lower-ranked ‘clay-court specialist’, it can often be a good move to bet against the higher-ranked player.

Most of the time, the bookies will still put the higher-ranked player as the favourite for the game, despite the fact that they don’t particularly like clay courts. This can hold true for any surface, which is why it’s also advisable to follow tennis to gain an understanding of how different players perform on different surfaces. 

Bet on the Favourite if They Lose the First Set

Depending on what kind of tennis you bet on, the games can be played by the best out of 3 or the best out of 5 formats. Whichever the format is for your chosen game, there is often plenty of value to be obtained by betting on the favorite should they actually lose the first set. The sports betting markets in tennis are highly sensitive, and swings can be pretty wild if things start to go in one particular direction. However, this is good news for sports bettors, as you can lock in pretty high odds by using this strategy.

We wouldn’t particularly say that this is one of those ‘easy tennis betting strategies’, but it can certainly be a profitable one once you become familiar with in-play betting. As long as you have your finger on the pulse, you can use this strategy over and over again in search of high value. 

Don’t Always Go for the Moneyline Markets

Given the scoring system of tennis, there are tons of different betting markets you can explore. The moneyline markets are the most standard of tennis bet types, but there are others such as set betting, over/under a number of games, specific set scores, and so much more. We would encourage you to become familiar with all of these markets and make them work for you. For example, if there are two huge servers that go up against one another, it might be a good indicator that the game will go over a certain number of games! 

Tennis is a Funny Game Sometimes . . .

While there are loads of sites out there today claiming to have a ton of key strategies to winning on tennis bets, they aren’t always simple, and they aren’t always trustable either. We’ve taken the time to ensure that the tennis betting strategies discussed in this post have been tried and tested, but as with all sports betting, make sure that you always bet within your means and never get carried away. 

Betting on tennis should always be fun, and if you stick to the strategies we’ve mentioned throughout this article, you might even enjoy a better run of things! 

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