A Beginner’s Guide to Tennis Betting Online


Tennis betting, much like many other sports today is usually available with all reputable tennis bookies. And the sport itself has been around for longer than many think, with history suggesting that modern day tennis came about in the early 16th Century. Nowadays, thousands if not millions of players enjoy tennis across the globe, but things weren’t always this way. 

In fact, tennis was primarily a sport that was reserved for the wealthy or even royalty just a few hundred years ago. However, the fundamental rules of the game have remained relatively unchanged.

Tennis is a sport that is played between two individuals (singles) or between four players (doubles). In the 21st Century both male and female players play tennis professionally, and it has evolved to become one of the most popular sports in the world. While tennis was originally played indoors, today it is played on three different surfaces: grass courts, hard courts and clay courts.

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Popular Tennis Events

The great thing about this game is that it is truly a sport that never sleeps. For online sports betting, this means that there is always an event taking place where you can take part in tennis betting. This is true for both the men and women’s professional circuits, and there are some key events to look out for as a beginner.  

When you first take a look at the various tennis sportsbooks online, you will often see a break down of four major events. These are:

  • Australian Open

This event is played on hard court, and always takes place in January. Tennis bookies will always cover this event, and since this is a major tournament there will often be many markets to choose from.

  • French Open (Roland Garros)

Fast forward a few months to late May/early June, and the French Open takes place in Paris. This event is played on clay, and the world of online tennis betting is usually very active around this time. Simply put, clay court tennis provides an opportunity for more upsets to happen, meaning that an underdog could beat a highly ranked player.

  • Wimbledon

Without a doubt, Wimbledon is the most traditional and the most prestigious of the four Grand Slams. This takes place in July, and is played on grass. The tournament takes place in London, England.

  • US Open

The fourth and final Grand Slam of the year is the US Open, held in New York in September. This event is played on hard court, and is extremely popular for tennis betting.  

Besides these events, there are many other prestigious tournaments taking place all year round. Therefore tennis always provides an opportunity to practice your online tennis betting skills and enjoy al of the action.

Most Common Tennis Bets

When visiting any of the tennis betting sites online, you will need to know how to interpret the information shown. That is why we have identified the most common bets seen with practically all of the tennis bookies, all of which are described right here.

  • Single bet

Placing a single bet just means that you are betting on one player to win a match, or a pair if the game in question is doubles. In tennis there is no possibility of a draw, so you will only ever have two possibilities when choosing a single bet.

  • Outright winner

Tennis bookies will often release the odds for tournament winners a long time in advance. And this is what an outright winner bet consists of; a particular player to win an event. All outright winner bets must be placed before a tournament starts.

  • Spread bet

The game of tennis follows an interesting scoring system, but it offers the chance for spread betting to take place. Placing a spread bet when it comes to online tennis betting is relatively simple. A Spread bet means that you are betting on a player to win by a certain number of games, or you can bet on the underdog to finish the match within a certain number of games.

  • Over/under bet

Just like a spread bet, this type of bet focuses on the score. Essentially, an over/under bet is when you bet on a match to run over a certain number of points. And in tennis, this is mainly placed on the number of games or the number of sets.

Important Tennis Terms

One of the major deterrents with tennis is the seemingly complicated score system. Yes it can be unusual at first, but after watching a few tournaments you will learn it in no time at all. There are a few key terms that you must understand.

  • Tiebreak

If a set of tennis reaches 6-6 in games, the set will be decided by a tiebreak. This is a scoring system where the players play to just 7 points, with the first one to achieve this winning the set.

  • Break of serve

Players always serve in an alternate order in tennis. So if one player serves the first game, their opponent will serve the next game. And if the player who is not serving wins a particular game, this is known as a ‘break of serve’.

  • Winner

A winner in tennis is not always the person who wins the match. In fact, the term winner is more commonly used for when a player hits a shot that goes past their opponent.

Final Advice …

When getting started in the exciting world of online tennis betting, it is highly advised that you follow these three suggestions below.

  1. Vary your bets
  2. Bet on big tournaments
  3. Always bet small to begin with

These three things will allow you to practice many different types of tennis betting strategies, while keeping in control of your betting.

Online tennis betting can be a highly enjoyable activity, and as long as you follow this advice you will be started and having fun before you know it!

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