Best Online NASCAR Betting Strategies

by Rae Dover
| 21/10/2020

Are you looking at how to bet on NASCAR and win? Well look no further as this strategy guide will navigate you through everything you need to know about NASCAR online betting and help you win!  If you are unaware of any of the advanced terminology throughout this article, we suggest reading our beginner’s guide to NASCAR betting. This will provide you with all of the background knowledge you need.

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Research = Winning

Research is a major factor when it comes to NASCAR betting. If you want to develop strategies and be successful with your NASCAR bets, then you must put in the time and research everything you can about the motorsport.

Driver Form

You should start off by looking into each driver that will be competing at the weekend. How have they been performing in recent races? If they have been consistently finishing in the top 5 / 10, then they are clearly in form and should compete in the next race. You should also look for the drivers who are out of form because you could bet against these in the driver head to heads. The next step is to look at the drivers form at the upcoming racetrack. Racetracks are used each year, so understanding how drivers perform year in year out at the racetrack will help identify trends as to whether they like the track or not.

The Racetrack

Make sure you know the ins and outs of all the racetracks. Each one has a slightly different structure, whether the lap length is shorter, or the corners are slightly longer / wider. This could have a slight positive / negative effect on drivers depending on what they prefer and excel at.

Team Dynamics

Finally, getting to know the dynamics within each team will give you much more insight into how each driver will race. There are usually 2-3 drivers racing for the same team, for example, Ford. During a race, each driver in the team will share their track data with the others which will help them navigate the racetrack better. They will also help to create slipstreams to help each other overtake the drivers in front of them and some will even allow the better drivers in the team to overtake them if that driver has the potential of placing higher. You must be aware of how good each driver is in the team, because having bad teammates will not be beneficial to the number one driver.

One tip that we like to recommend to bettors: it's a good thing to bet on multiple drivers on a race day. If your research is pointing to 2 or 3 drivers racing well, then there is no harm in betting on all 3. You can win a good amount of money betting on multiple drivers, but it can also be very costly. We suggest that you decide on a budget for the race and split your budget up depending on how many drivers you are willing to bet on. 

Sportsbooks and Markets

Once you have carried out your in-depth research into the upcoming race, you must look through the available markets offered by sportsbooks to see which one is more suited to your research.  Understanding the markets will help you to narrow down which bets to place. If your research shows Chase Elliott out-competing Alex Bowman, and your sportsbook offers Chase to beat Alex in their driver head to head market, then it’s a no brainer to place a wager on it. 

You should always look at the odds offered for each market too, it is important to find value because this is how you win at NASCAR betting in the long run. If your research is pointing to a particular bet, and the odds offered for that bet are higher than they should be, then this is classed as a value bet. Always be on the lookout for these, because sportsbooks have to provide a large number of markets for each race, and they do not always get the odds spot on. 

If you require assistance in finding the right sportsbook for you, or you are looking for another reputable sportsbook to compare the odds / markets offered, then please refer to our top online sportsbooks for Canadian bettors. Here, you will find out everything you need to know to help choose the right sportsbook.

Parting Advice

The research explained above will help you to develop betting strategies and to help determine which bets to place for each race, but there are other factors that you should be aware of to create a long-term winning record in NASCAR betting.  

  • Keep detailed records of all of your bets because it will show you how much you are winning / losing. It will help you see which bets are making you the most money and also the markets that your research is not having a positive impact on.
  • Never chase losses that you may incur when betting on NASCAR. It is always tempting to try and recover a loss by placing bigger wagers on the next bet, but this will lose you more money in the long run.

Remember, you should be having fun during your NASCAR online betting experience. It should be a way of enjoying the race that little bit more!  So, follow this guide and turn your bets into winners. Good Luck!

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