Beginner's Guide to Online NASCAR Betting

by Rae Dover
| 25/10/2020

If you are looking for a fast paced, high intensity motorsport across some of the most iconic tracks in the world and a sport that boasts a fan base of millions worldwide, then NASCAR is for you!  This article is your essential beginners guide for NASCAR betting online, and we will help you to navigate through the ever increasing number of top canadian sportsbooks and markets available to all Canadian bettors.  

Background to NASCAR 

NASCAR is based in the United States, but it is one of the most popular motor sports around the globe.  A race involves 40+ drivers navigating a specialist track (either round or oval shaped) for up to 200 laps, each one competing to be crowned champion.  A race is split up into 3 stages with championship points being awarded during each stage to the drivers that finish in the top 10. The higher you finish; the more championship points you will win (which is the goal to winning the overall championship). The overall winner of a NASCAR race will earn a bonus point that they can use during the championship playoffs later in the season. 

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NASCAR Competitions

There are 2 major NASCAR competitions, each taking place in the United States:

Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series - this is a championship consisting of the most elite NASCAR drivers around. It involves a total of 26 races during the regular season, finishing with a 10-race playoff system to crown the overall champion of the season. A total of 24 tracks are used that span across the United States, with a number of tracks being used twice, in the spring and fall.

Xfinity Series - this championship is the minor league of NASCAR racing. The drivers competing in this championship are aiming to show that they are ready to compete with the best and earn their promotion to the Monster Energy Cup. 

NASCAR Betting

With NASCAR being an extremely popular sport (especially in North America), sportsbooks have now followed this trend and started to offer numerous markets for each race. We have compiled a list below of the most popular NASCAR betting markets:

  • Outright Winner - who is going to perform the best on the day and win the race. 
  • Top 5 / 10 - which driver will finish the race in the top 5 / 10. This is a popular market because the chance of a racer finishing in the top 10 is much higher than if they were to win it outright. The odds offered on this market will be a lot lower, but the bet is considered much safer. 
  • Driver Match-ups - another market that has grown in popularity with Canadian bettors is betting on a particular driver match-up. A sportsbook will pair 2 drivers together and you will bet on whether one will finish the race in a higher position than the other. This is an excellent market to take full advantage of a driver’s current form and their form at the particular racetrack. We will discuss these 2 areas in more detail later in the article. 

The Do’s and Don’ts

Please remember that research is your best friend when it comes to NASCAR betting strategies. You should put as much time into researching each race as you would do when betting on a football game. The 3 main areas to focus your research on are as follows:

Driver Form 

How each driver has been performing recently. If a driver is consistently finishing in the top 10, it would be worthwhile to look into this driver in more depth. It would also be beneficial to find out which driver is currently out of form and in a slump so you can stay well away from them. 

Driver History at the Racetrack 

It is always good practice to see how each individual driver has performed at the upcoming track across a number of years. Most drivers will have certain tracks they perform best on. This may be down to the structure of the racetrack, or they may feel more comfortable with the surroundings. This will allow you to predict how that driver will likely perform. 


Each track is structured differently, and you should look at each ones specific features - whether it is round or oval shaped and the length / width of the racetrack. If one racetrack is quite narrow in comparison, then it could be harder for a driver to overtake the person in front of them, which could have a negative impact on that driver and also your bet.

There is one don’t that we recommend, and that is to not blindly follow the crowd and random tipsters online. Carry out your own research or follow a reputable person online, so that you feel comfortable with the bet you are about to place. 

Your Next Steps in NASCAR Betting

When you have taken the time to carry out extensive research into the upcoming race, it is time to choose a sportsbook to place your bets.  Refer to the sportsbook listing above, which highlights the best online sportbooks for Canadian bettors. Once you have completed the first 2 stages, it is time to start placing your bets. 

A NASCAR season is long, giving you an opportunity to start with small bets across a number of markets.  Then you can narrow down which one works best for you and your research into a consistent system.  You can then think about increasing your bet size, but only when you feel comfortable with your wagers!

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