Online Fantasy Sports Strategies

by Rae Dover
| 25/10/2020

If you’re searching for strategies to winning at fantasy sports, we can happily say that you have visited the right page. This form of online betting is enjoyed by millions of enthusiasts on multiple continents, and since fantasy sports betting doesn’t work exactly like normal online sports betting, it’s actually less risky, which is always a plus. Not only is it less risky, but it’s also a way to compete with friends, test your sports knowledge, and of course, potentially win huge sums of money if you perform very well. 

While we could talk all day about why fantasy sports betting is so enjoyable, this isn’t the main purpose of this post. Our aim here is to teach you how to play fantasy sports and win - starting today! After all, we want you to be as successful as possible with your fantasy sports endeavors. With this said, let’s start right away and work our way through this guide to fantasy sports betting strategies! 

Where to Start? Play at your Favourite Sports!

While this might no be a ‘fantasy sports strategy’ so to speak, we believe that it is actually a strategy that can prove to be particularly useful. For beginners or those who aren’t overly experienced with fantasy sports it is important to stick to the basics, as outline in our beginner's guide to Fantasy Sports. Since this activity by its very nature requires that you pick and choose players for your fantasy team, it is obviously an advantage if you have prior knowledge of who is performing well and who is showing plenty of promise. Remember, you can use this knowledge to get ahead of the game when trying to learn how to play fantasy sports to win.  In addition to this, if you pick a sport that you do have a personal interest in, it will then become an enjoyable task to research the players each week. This will keep you interested in and engaged with the competition - after all, if it isn’t going to be fun then there is no point in doing it. 

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Seek Out Bonuses 

When you are playing online fantasy sports, you will find that there are several platforms that serve up bonuses for new and existing customers. This works in a very similar way to online sports betting, whereby the betting providers will hand out bonuses like free wagers, profit boosts, betting insurance, and other bonus types. With fantasy sports betting, the bonuses can also come thick and fast, except they won’t strictly be free bets and profit boosts. Instead, you might find bonuses whereby you can use the free cash to count towards your player selections each week. 

Needless to say, different fantasy sports betting sites will have a series of different bonuses, but we would encourage you to sign up for marketing materials so that you can be informed via text or email as soon as these offers become available. 

Look for Players That Are ‘Off the Radar’ 

Regardless of what kind of fantasy sports competition you have entered, whether it is a head to head, a season-long open league, or a closed league among friends, it’s always worthwhile to seek out players that aren’t going to be on everyone’s list. Not only do the most popular players cost more to add them to your teams, but everybody will be going for them, so you won’t actually gain any ground on your competitors if you always go for the mainstream players.

For example, if you were engaged in a Premier League fantasy sports competition, it wouldn’t be worth it to pick players such as Mo Salah and Sergio Aguero week in and week out. However, if we take the 2019/2020 season as a prime example, if you added a player such as Bruno Fernandes to your team before he started to whip in goals for Manchester United, then you could have scored a ton of points for a pretty cheap price. 

Choose a Competition That Meets Your Interest Levels

With fantasy sports betting, there are many different competitions that you could choose to get started with. As we’ve touched upon earlier in the piece, you may want to explore season-long competitions, head to heads, or even events that are open and closed within the same day. It goes without saying that different people have a different level of interest and indeed a different level of commitment to fantasy sports betting. For example, only the most committed players will get the full benefit of participating in season-long leagues, as most players will miss a week or two and even lose interest mid-way through the season.

If this happens, then it will not have been worth entering in the first place, which is why we believe that one of the easy fantasy sports strategies to follow is to simply gauge your interest level and go from there. 

In Conclusion....

Some of Canada’s best sportsbooks provide members with access to fantasy sports betting competitions these days, but there are also platforms out there that solely specialize in fantasy sports. It is completely up to you which platform you sign up with, but we would advise sticking to platforms that have been in the game for a few years and have a solid reputation. 

Finally, we’d like to reiterate that by using the strategies we’ve highlighted in this piece, you aren’t guaranteed success. These strategies are simply designed to get you on the right path, and you can pick and choose which strategies you wish to implement! 

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