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Play Fantasy Sports OnlineFantasy sports betting is, without a doubt, a completely different concept when compared to the classic sports betting as we all know it. Instead of betting on the outcome of a sporting event, players get to create their own fantasy sports teams and play against competitors in an attempt to win money or various prizes. This peculiar and exciting form of sports betting has gained more popularity in recent years, and it has started to become more available at a wider level. 

Basically, no matter what type of sport you might select for your fantasy betting, the principle is the same: you need to put together a team of players relying on certain selection criteria and have those players earn points for your team in accordance with their game performance. Plus, it is possible to place real money wagers together with other players/bettors who also run their own fantasy sports teams win of your team performs the best. Bettors can participate in leagues that run over an entire season.

if you are ready to put your knowledge in terms of sports to a test against others, you will need the best sportsbooks to get started. To simplify things for you considerably and make sure you will benefit from the most rewarding Fantasy Sports betting online experience possible, we have brought together the highest-rated sites we encourage you to try. No matter if you are interested in participating in head-to-head matchups or you are more curious about a large field, you want to play football, MMA, golf, hockey or basketball, you are prone to find the right site that can cater to your every need.

How Do We Compare Fantasy Sports Sites For Canadians?

Fantasy Sports sites provide players with several choices when it comes to the type of contest they can play.  Different types of contests come with different features, and knowing them down to every detail should help players make the best calls when choosing their preferred Fantasy Sport or market. Our platform has carefully assessed the most popular types of contests, including their styles and markets, along with the sportsbooks and sites that are displaying them. No matter which of the top online sportsbooks you will select, you are prone to come across a fully transparent, reliable and advantageous site to join. 

Here are a few of the elements we always include in our expert Fantasy Sports site comparisons: 

  • Bonuses and rewards 

  • The type of betting contest that is offered to players (head-to-head, double-up games, guaranteed prize pools or beginner games)

  • The contest styles for each different type of contest (salary cap, snake drafts, pick ‘em)

  • The reliability of the Fantasy Sports platform

  • The scoring options they offer 

  • The markets they cover  

  • Daily Fantasy open league formats 

  • Cash games 

  • Certified SSL security encryption

  • Mobile app availability

These are just a few of the factors that our Fantasy Sports players pay great attention to when comparing, contrasting and upgrading our lists of the top sites for Canadian players. You can rest assured that all of the listed sites you will find on our platform will accurately cater to all of your requirements. Whether you are looking for a site that offers large bonuses and FanDuel Point rewards for loyal players or you are more interested in a loyalty point system, you will discover just what you need on any of the sites we recommend. Find out which sites allow you to use the free points to play new Daily Fantasy games, buy items in the shop or cut game fees. 

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Types Of Fantasy Sports Bets  

When it comes to daily fantasy sports, there are two main types of competitions that can be entered:

  •  tournaments 

  •  cash games

Tournaments are also called Guaranteed Prize Pool format and they feature the selection of teams and teams and the use of rules similar to cash games. The main difference between the two comes from that fact that players will compete against all of the other players in the tournament, doe snot matter how many points a player scores during a tournament. The main focus falls on managing to get into a scoring point.  

Tournaments have payouts completed to a fixed percentage of the field, which usually goes around 15%. The higher a player finishes within the respective percentage, the more money they will win. Most sites that use this format normally guarantee a prize pool for the competition. 

Cash games are competitions known as 50/50s, where half of the participants will win double the amount of their buy-in, with the other half not winning anything.

Fantasy Sports Bets/Contest Styles 

There are various types of fantasy sports bets for each kind of contest. Here are a few of the most common formats that players are prone to come across when playing Fantasy Sports. 

  • Salary cap games require competitors to select their players based on a value set corresponding to each player. A draft will become completely independent of a competitor’s draft with the only imposed limitations being the salary cap. 

  • Snake drafts resemble season-long drafts in fantasy sports, with each competitor choosing players in a turn-by-turn draft which will be reversed after each new round. A player can only be selected once. 

  • Pick Em'  games enable competitors to select a small portion of players for each position, instead of selecting all players based on a value system. A competitor will select the best player in the group for each position that is free.

  • Entering a  league counting several opponents and participating in it over a season or a number of games. The winner could receive a fraction of the prize pool, with smaller prizes being given to players who also scored high in the league. 
  • Going against a single opponent, where both of you would place equal wagers. The player whose team would score most points would win the opponent’s stake.

Major Fantasy Sports Leagues 

With a large number of major fantasy sports leagues, Fantasy National Football League seems to be ranked the highest. Here are a few additional events and leagues to keep an eye on:

  • The National Fantasy Championship NFCB featuring multiple formats, live drafts and auctions held in New York and Las Vegas and bringing together other popular leagues

  • Fantasy Premier League counting more than 5 million registered users, with more than 60 million EPL fantasy sports players located all around the globe.

  • The Fantasy Football World Championships Live Events in Las Vegas.

  • Major League Baseball or MLB

  • National Basketball Association or NBA

Why Play Fantasy Sports Online?

Fantasy Sports are an amazingly fun way of betting on sports that continues to grow in popularity and size. With more and more competitors joining the field and prize pools getting bigger, you are prone to make more easy money once you will learn how to create the ideal lineups.

If you are ready to join hands with the rest of passionate players in Canada, you can take advantage of our list of the most reliable sites that should help you get started with zero hassle. Take advantage of the best bonuses and join the greatest tournaments form the comfort of your home, in a 100% safe online environment. 

True North Casinos aims to constantly deliver an entirely objective, unbiased and extremely accurate look of the best Fantasy Sports sites for Canadian players. It is a fast-growing landscape that requires constantly updated lists of sites, and we are ready to do just that.

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