Best Online Curling Betting Strategies

by Rae Dover
| 24/11/2020

Pretty much all the best sportsbooks in Canada these days offer access to the curling betting markets, which is no surprise given the popularity of the sport in this part of the world. With this in mind, we wanted to share some strategies to winning on curling bets that everyone can use in 2021. The strategies discussed in this piece can be used by all sports bettors, regardless of your own personal bankroll or your own experience with betting on curling. Since you are probably eager to jump ahead and answer the question of how to bet on curling and win, let’s not keep you in suspense any longer! Simply read through the strategies highlighted below to put yourself in a much better position when betting on curling. 

Wait for Major Curling Competitions

Curling is not one of those sports where there are games taking place throughout the entire year, but there are certain competitions that are much larger than others. Therefore, our first curling betting strategy is to wait for these competitions to take place, and there is a specific reason for doing this - bonuses. If you have engaged in online sports betting before, you will know all too well the benefit that bonuses can bring. These things can give you a shot at placing risk-free wagers, betting without using your own cash, receiving profit boosts, and so much more. 

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Some of the most prominent competitions you should be on the lookout for include the World Curling Championships and of course, the Olympics. Interestingly, Canada has dominated the sport of curling at the Olympics in many of the previous competitions, so do watch out for the next time that the international team takes to the ice in search of glory. Canada's two main competitions are The Brier (Mens} and Tournament of Hearts (Women) National Championships.  While we can’t guarantee what bonuses you will receive by waiting for the most prestigious competitions, we can assure you that there will be plenty. To make things even easier, make sure that you opt-in to receive notifications and marketing materials once you’ve signed up with any online sportsbook. By doing so, you should receive regular updates for when new bonuses become available for you to use. 

Utilize In-play Betting

When engaging in online curling betting, there are basically two forms of bets you can make, at least concerning when you place them. You can choose to place your wagers within the pre-match markets, or you can choose to wait and see what opportunities the in-play markets present. By waiting for in-play betting, we believe that you will be one step closer to answering the query of how to bet on curling to win. Since curling is a much slower sport compared to others too, you don’t need to be super quick on the trigger to take advantage of the markets. 

In our experience, it is always a good idea to wait and see if a favourite team ends up being in a bit of trouble during a game. When we say a bit of trouble, we mean that they start to lose the game! In this case, you might see that the odds skyrocket for the favourite team to win, depending on how far down in the score they actually go. Of course, you will need to use your own judgment on whether you believe that the favourite team will turn things around.  If you feel like they will, then it can be beneficial to go ahead and back the favourite team through the live markets in this situation. 

Keep Track of Team News

Not only is this an easy strategy to use, but it is also pretty interesting, especially if you follow curling to begin with. Assuming that you do, you can use this strategy by following popular news sites in Canada closely, and if a breaking story emerges such as a last-minute player change, this can drastically shift the odds. Now, to effectively use this strategy, you do need to be quite quick, as online betting sites tend to react quite rapidly to any sorts of news stories that emerge that can influence the outcome of a match.  However, if you can keep a few news channels open on your TV or laptop, you might be able to react to any updated news stories before the odds get a chance to change. 

Parlay Your Bets For Potentially Higher Returns

The good thing about curling betting is that it is somewhat more predictable than other sports. With that said, it’s also the case that we can’t have our cake and then eat it too, so to speak. While the winner of a game or a tournament can be somewhat predictable, the odds often reflect this predictability by offering quite low prices. This is obviously not ideal as a curling bettor, which is why it can often be a good idea to combine your bets in order to try and get a higher return.  To make this strategy work, we recommend that you only go for the most heavily favored teams, as you need every leg of your parlay to win so that you win any money at all. Just keep this in mind when making these bets. 

and, in "the end"....

Betting on curling should always be fun, but if you can execute easy curling betting strategies to potentially increase your winning percentage, then why not do it? Naturally, we can’t promise you that by using the curling betting strategies in this post you will start winning all of your bets, but they can certainly help in a big way! 

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