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Curling is one of the oldest sports in the world, with historians stating that evidence of people playing curling was found several hundred years ago in Scotland. While we might not know much about how they played back then, we certainly know how they play now.

Curling bet types are not overly populated either, with just a few staple bets to understand in order to take part in the world of curling betting. We have identified these bets right here in the article, as well as explained them to expand your overall knowledge of the sport of curling and how to place bets on it.

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Curling Bets – The Most Common Types

As stated above, there isn’t an enormous range of curling bet types to become familiar with to get started. This is advantageous for sports bettors, since less information to digest means more time to focus on the actual event. This being said, we have identified the three most common curling betting types found on Canadian sportsbooks and explained them below.

Single bet
By a large margin, this is the most popular and the simplest of all the various curling betting types. Betting on the winner of a particular game is essentially what a single bet consists of.  For example, if the USA was playing Canada in a Curling event you will see odds for both teams. Let’s say that you have 1.8 odds on Canada, and 2.1 on the USA. If you choose to bet $10 on Canada and you are successful, you will get an $18 return.  The return is not the same as your actual profit however. In this example, your profit will be the $8 on top of your original amount that you have bet.

Spread bet
This is sometimes referred to as handicap betting, and you will come across this bet in the vast majority of curling betting markets. A spread bet is basically a bet in which you are betting that the favorite will win by a certain amount of points, or that the underdog will be within a certain amount of points.  For example, if Canada plays against France, there may be a spread bet of -5.5 for Canada and +5.5 for France. This just means that Canada needs to win by more than 5.5 points for this bet to become true, and France must lost by less than 5.5 points for that bet. Of course you can bet on either of these options depending on what you feel about the event.

Over/under bet
The third and final option for all of the popular curling bet types is an over/under bet. This works in a similar way to a spread bet, but isn’t for a specific team.  For example, if Canada plays against Switzerland, there will be an option within the curling betting markets to bet on the total number of points for the game. You could place a bet that there will be over 20.5 points scored in a game, or place a bet that there will be less than 20.5 points scored in a game.

Interpreting Curling Odds

We have already touched on how odds correspond to what you could win, but we need to go into just a bit more detail.  Regardless of your chosen curling bet types and what you want to bet on, the way that the odds work will be exactly the same. Firstly, the team or the bet with the lowest odds is always the favorite. For example, in a game with the USA vs. Italy, there will be one favorite. The USA may have odds of 1.4 vs. Italy’s 2.3. This would make USA the favorite since they have the lowest odds.  It is also important to understand that the lower the odds, the more you need to bet for a greater return. In the above example, if you bet $10 on the USA you would profit $4. However, if you bet $10 on Italy you would profit $13.  There will always be a stated odd for your chosen curling bet types, and the math to work out your potential winnings will always follow the same calculations as shown above.

Key Advice for Your First Curling Bets

The downside to betting on curling is that there aren’t so many events each year, especially when compared with other sports such as tennis or basketball. For this reason, it is all the more important to follow this advice when the events do come around.

Pay attention to form
A team that is in great form will usually be favored in a game, but you may want to look for underdogs that are playing well. By seeking out these teams you may find teams with a great chance to win but with quite high odds.

Don’t miss the big events
As stated, curling events aren’t happening every single day. Therefore you should try and select your preferred curling betting types before a big event like The Brier or the World Championships come around, and put practice into action by betting small amounts during these events.

Familiarize yourself with the scoring system
If you do not already know it, take the time to watch curling in action, as this will enhance your understanding not only of the game, but why the odds may as they are.

A Closing Note

Curling betting markets often provide quite good value compared with other sports. This is often the case when events are not as common as other sports, and online bookmakers will regularly price events according to previous performances. The funny thing with Curling is that these events may have occurred months ago, leading to more potential upsets and more potential winnings.

Make sure your upcoming curling bets are a clean sweep!


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