Best Online Boxing Betting Strategies

by Rae Dover
| 07/12/2020

To be successful and win consistently when betting on boxing online, you should create or use a specialized strategy.  Following this strategy will help you to win big at betting on boxing.  Throughout this article, we are going to highlight various areas for you to focus your research on and help you to win.

Fundamentals of Boxing

It is important to understand the ins and outs of a boxing fight. You should know how long the rounds are and how many rounds will be contested during the fight. Having background knowledge in these areas will help you in the round betting markets. If you are new to betting on boxing online, then please read our beginner's guide to boxing betting which details everything you need to know to get started. 

Another important process is to learn about each individual market. Having a solid understanding of the betting types will allow you to locate value bets and help you to win big in boxing. To learn more about the individual markets for boxing, please take a look at our boxing betting types article. 

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Individual Boxers

Boxing is an individual sport, there are no teammates to help you if you are going through a bad patch. Therefore, you need to research all there is to know about each fighter in the match-up. We will highlight a number of factors you should spend time looking into. 


Studying the current form of the boxer is paramount to successful boxing betting. Confidence is a major factor when it comes to individual sports, and if one fighter is on a winning streak and boxing freely, then they will have a much better chance in their next fight. Conversely, if a boxer is in a current slump and cannot find their rhythm, it will be hard for them to compete in their next contest. 

Fighting Style

A boxers fighting style is also something you should take note of. You must compare each fighters style of boxing to gain a better idea of how a fight is going to play out.  If one boxer isn’t a big hitter and is known for recording very few knockouts throughout their career, their next fight could well end up being decided by the judges.  You should also understand how each boxer can take a punch, which is referred to as their 'chin' in the boxing world. If a boxer has a weak chin, then they are more likely to be knocked down if they get struck during the fight. Whereas, a boxer with a strong chin will be able to take a lot of punches and be less effected by them, which in turn will provide them with a few more opportunities to land that knock out punch. 

During your research, you will also notice whether a boxer is a fast starter or a strong closer. A fast starter will try and knock down their opponent early and try and win in the early rounds. This will have a big effect on the round betting. If someone is a strong closer, then they will up the pace towards the latter rounds of a fight. You can take advantage of betting in-play with these boxers, because if they are competing during the early rounds, then they will have a better chance of winning later on, and the odds will be more favorable than pre-fight. 


Another important factor in boxing is the venue of the fight. Imagine fighting in front of a home crowd of 80000 people. That’s what happened when Anthony Joshua faced Wladimir Klitschko in Wembley, London back in 2017. Boxing in front of a home crowd can have a major effect on a boxers confidence and it can also help them to push through adversities they may face during the fight, for example getting back up after hitting the canvas.  Fighting in a hostile environment may be too much for some boxers and it could effect how they fight, however, it could also spur some boxers on to perform better and try to silence the opposition crowd. Be sure to keep this in mind when looking into the previous fights for each boxer. 

Understand Your Betting Patterns

If you are going to be successful in betting on boxing, then you must take time to understand your betting patterns. Keeping a record of each individual bet will help you to achieve this. If you are losing more bets than you are winning, then you can see which bets are not working. You can then tweak your research or stop betting on those markets altogether. 

Other Factors

There are two other pieces of information you should know to help you win at betting on boxing. They are:

  • Choose the right sportsbook - there are plenty of sportsbooks out there for you to choose from, but you must sign up to the one that consistently offers the best odds and all of the boxing specific markets. We have you covered here, because our experts have researched every online sportsbook available to Canadian bettors, and have provided an in-depth list of the best ones here. 
  • Don’t chase your losses - it is extremely important that you do not chase any losses you may incur. Betting bigger on the next fight or placing bets that your research doesn’t agree with are the quickest ways to losing a lot of money. The majority of bettors have poor bankroll management, so, please do not fall into this category!

We have provided you with a strategy to become successful at betting on boxing online. Follow the steps above and see your bets turn into winners!

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