Understanding Online Boxing Bet Types

by Rae Dover
| 23/11/2020

Boxing attracts millions of people worldwide, whether you are a fan of the sport or you just like to place a few wagers on the big upcoming fight. Betting on the fight can make watching it a lot more fun.

This article will highlight all of the available markets that sportsbooks have to offer on boxing. If you are unsure of any of the betting terminology used throughout the article, we suggest taking a look at our beginner's guide to online boxing betting.  Remember to choose the best sportsbooks available so you can take advantage of all the markets detailed below!

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To Win

This market allows us to place wagers on who is going to win the upcoming fight. In the majority of matchups there is a clear favourite and the odds for this fighter to win will be very low. Many bettors like to group together a few of these fighters and place a parlay to help increase the odds.

Round Betting

You can decide on the outcome of the fight happening in a specific round. You will choose which fighter will win in that round, so if you think one boxer will come out fast, then you can back them to win in the 1st round.   Sportsbooks offer a wide variety of round betting markets, for example:

  • 2 Rounds – grouping the fight into two rounds, 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10 or 11-12. 
  • 3 Rounds – a boxer winning in rounds 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 or 10-12.
  • 4 Rounds – a winner in rounds 1-4, 5-8 or 9-12.
  • 6 Rounds – the biggest grouping, rounds 1-6 or 7-12.

Please be wary that with the increasing number of rounds grouped together, the odds will decrease. You could back a winner in rounds 1-2 at +600, but the odds for them to win in rounds 1-6 would be +200. The odds are a lot lower, but the risk involved with the bet is also low because you have a number of rounds to work with.

When Will the Fight End

This market includes the exact same groupings as mentioned above, but you are not backing on a particular boxer to win in that round/s. Either boxer can win, and you will still have a winning bet.

Method of Victory

Sportsbooks also give you the opportunity to decide on how the fight will end. A few examples of methods of victory are explained below:

Unanimous Decision – when all 3 judges award more points to one of the boxers.

Split Decision – 2 of the judges will award the fight to one boxer, but the third judge will award it to the other.

Knockout – when the opponent is knocked out during the fight and cannot get up following the 10 second count.

Technical Knockout – when one fighter is clearly on top and causing significant damage to their opponent and they cannot stop it, the referee will stop the fight.

Disqualified Opponent – if one of the fighters throws too many low blows or hits the other in the back of head repeatedly, then they will be disqualified.

You can also place bets on the exact method of victory which allows you to choose one method from the list above but couple it with one of the fighters. For example, Deontay Wilder to win by Unanimous Decision. This bet will provide better odds than the overall method of victory and will lead to large pay outs if you win.

Fight to go the Distance

A simple yes / no market, where the bettor decides on whether the fight will go through the whole 12 rounds and end up being decided by the judges.  This is a great market if the two boxers are not known for knocking down their opponents, and the majority of their previous fights have ended up in a decision. The odds for this market are relatively low, but you could parlay 2 or 3 together to help increase the pay-out.


There are no futures or outright bets in boxing, due to fighters only competing every few months. Not like an entire season of Football with multiple games across the year.  There are a couple of special markets that we can take advantage of though.

Both Fighters to be Knocked Down – This is a great market for the heavier boxing categories. If there are two big hitting boxers facing each other on the weekends card, then you can bet on whether both of the fighters will be knocked down during the fight. This happens often, so it is definitely worthwhile looking into the market for any value bets.

Knockdown and Win – This is a special market in all sports, a team that goes behind comes back to eventually win the game.  In boxing, it refers to one fighter being knocked down to the canvass and then getting back up and putting in a great performance to eventually win the fight. The odds for this are great. It is a little risky though, because if they get hit hard then they might not get back up to carry on the fight.

In Canada, betting online is the number one way to place your boxing bets. What is more perfect than placing wagers online from the comfort of your own home or using the betting app on your phone when you are out!

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