Beginner's Guide to Baseball Betting Online

by Rae Dover
| 24/09/2020

The popularity of betting on baseball online is huge. This is down to games being played every day for a large chunk of the year.  Top sportsbooks offer a large variety of markets for bettors which provide a lot of opportunities for us to profit. If you are starting your journey into online baseball betting, then this article is for you.

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The Game of Baseball

The overall aim of baseball is to score more runs than your opponent.  The baseball field consists of an inner diamond containing four bases and an out-field. A batter must go around all four bases to score a run, and this can be achieved by hitting a home run out of the ballpark or by a fellow teammate hitting a ball into play so that you can advance to the fourth and final base.

A baseball game consists of 9 innings for each team, and the opposition must get 3 batters out per inning (a total of 18 outs in a game for each team) by either striking them out, running them out or catching the ball in the air after a hit. 

Global Baseball Competitions

Baseball in Canada is not as popular as other countries around the world. Although baseball is played here, Canadian bettors like to place wagers on the well-known leagues as the markets offered are a lot better.  The leagues bet on most by Canadian bettors include:

Major League Baseball (MLB) – the pinnacle of world baseball. Played by teams across the United States of America and Canada, competing for the World Series.
Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) – this is the professional baseball league in Japan. 
Korea Baseball Organisation (KBO) – this competition is based in South Korea. This league has become very popular with bettors in recent years.

There are also a number of other leagues that we can bet on, spanning across Europe and South America. Please keep an eye out with your sportsbook for which competitions they offer markets on.

Baseball Betting Markets

Moneyline betting allows bettors to determine who wins the game. This market is favoured by bettors because the bet is not lost if the game goes to an extra inning/s, unlike other markets available.

Run Line
Run line is similar to point spread in Football and Basketball. The name is slightly different because runs are scored in baseball compared to the other sports above.  The run line is always -1.5 and +1.5. This is due to the lower number of runs scored in baseball. The team which is the favourite will have the -1.5 run line and will have to win the game by 2 or more runs. The +1.5 run line is given to the underdog, allowing them to either lose the game by 1 run or win the game outright to win your bet. Throughout your research, you will see which teams have close fought contests and which ones have explosive offences who can easily cover the run line.

Total Runs
Bettors can bet on the number of runs scored in a game by both teams combined. Your sportsbook will offer an over / under total and you decide on which way the game will end up. Sportsbooks will actually take into account the majority of variables that can affect an outcome of a baseball game (highlighted in more detail below – Betting Advice for Beginners), so they will offer the run total based on their own research. Many people have created strategies to capitalize on totals betting, carrying out your own detailed research, you will also be able to create profitable strategies.

Parlay / Accumulator Betting
Parlays are a hugely popular betting type with every single bettor in Canada and across the globe. It allows you to increase the odds and also the potential payday if the parlay comes through.  Please be aware that a parlay consists of 2 or more single bets on the same betslip, and for your bet to win, every single one must be a winner.

Betting Advice for Beginners

We highly recommend all beginnng bettors in baseball to carry out in-depth research of each game being played. This is a must if you are to be profitable in baseball betting.  The outcomes of each game can be heavily influenced by just a single player, a team’s pitcher, which is unlike most professional sports.

However, there are many external factors which can have an effect on the game and the score. A couple of examples are the ballpark factor and also the weather. These are two factors that cannot be controlled by either team.  You will need to factor all of the variables into your research when looking into betting on baseball. We have a perfect article on baseball betting strategies that will help you to understand each variable and how to use it in your research, so please take a look.

Next Steps in Baseball Betting Online

Choosing the right sportsbook that caters for everything you need is highly important. We have provided a list of the very best sportsbooks available to Canadian bettors on, to help you choose the right one.  Once you have opened an account and carried out all of your research, it is time to start betting.

Remember to bet low wagers at first until you gain more experience in online baseball betting and find a system that works and provides profitable outcomes regularly.

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