Beginner's Guide to Australian Rules Online Betting

by Rae Dover
| 24/11/2020

Australian Rules Football (otherwise known as Aussie Rules) is one of, if not THE biggest sports in Australia. The popularity of the sport has caused a boom in the amount of people betting on it! This popularity has led to the top sports betting sites in Canada offering more and more betting markets for this high paced, exciting, physical sport. In this article, we are going to provide you with all of the background knowledge of the sport and what is involved when betting on it.

Australian Football League (AFL)

Aussie Rules is predominantly played in Australia, and the main competition is the AFL.  The AFL was originally known as the Victorian Football League, consisting of teams from the state of Victoria. The competition is now a national one with teams from 5 of the 6 states in Australia taking part.  There are a total of 18 teams competing to be crowned the ‘premiers’ by winning the premiership cup. With a total of 159 games across an entire AFL season, and a large number of markets available for each individual game, it provides us with a lot of opportunity to place wagers and win consistently.

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Aussie Rules Bet Types

There are lots of betting markets to take advantage of, and we will highlight the most popular ones below:

  • To Win – as with all sporting events, you have the choice of which team you think will win the upcoming match.
  • Line Bet – otherwise known as handicap betting in other sports, your sportsbook will offer a line bet for each team competing. The team that is favoured will have a minus number, for example -9.5. In this example, the team will have to win the game by 10 or more points for your wager to win. The opposing team will be given a line bet of +9.5, so they can either win the game or lose it by 9 points or less and you will win your bet.
  • Points Total – a classic over and under market. Your sportsbook will place a total number of points to be scored in the game and you choose whether the game will finish above or below that figure.
  • Proposition Betting – these bet types involve wagers placed on outcomes that do not affect the overall outcome of a game. You can bet on specific markets for individual players and also for the whole team. For example, the first player to score a goal and the total number of points scored by one team.

For more detailed information on each betting type mentioned above, along with a whole array of other markets, please have a look at our ‘Aussie Rules Betting Types’ article. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to the betting markets available to our Canadian bettors and Aussie Rules Football.

What are Parlays?

Every sports bettor loves to play a parlay!  A parlay consists of betting on two or more outcomes on a single betslip. There are many possibilities for a parlay bet, for example you could have a mixture of teams to win, the overall points scored in the match and even the line bets, it is completely up to you!

The majority of Aussie Rules bettors like to group together the favoured teams, because the odds for each one winning individually are usually very low. This allows you to increase those odds so that you can have a decent return. Please be aware that each individual outcome needs to win for your parlay to be successful, but it does provide you with an opportunity for a large pay out if they do come through.

Aussie Rules Betting Advice

Aussie Rules online betting is a great way to make watching the game more exciting.  There are a few major factors that you need to keep in mind when betting on Aussie Rules, and they are:

  • Current Form – you should always research a team’s current form. This will show you whether they are on a hot streak or in a major slump. Make sure you look at their home and away records too, as many teams play much better at home in front of their cheering fans.
  • Previous Score Lines – looking at the previous 5-10 score lines for each team will help you to decide on how many points there might be in the upcoming game and also the margin of victory that one team may win by.
  • Injury Reports – on gameday, you need to look at the injury reports and see who has been ruled out of the game. This is extremely important, because if one or more forwards are out of the game, then that team may find it harder to score points and could affect the overall outcome.

Your Next Steps

Now it is time to start betting with real money.  You must always choose your bets carefully and start betting with small amounts that you can afford to lose (you are not guaranteed to always win in sports betting). It is also important to spread your initial bets across a number of markets, so you can get an understanding of how they work and which ones you are getting a higher win percentage on.  Once you are feeling comfortable, you can start to raise the bet amount.

Remember to always research and choose your bets wisely. Doing so will help you win big on Aussie Rules betting. Good Luck!

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