Australian Rules Football Bet Types

by Rae Dover
| 25/11/2020

Betting on Aussie Rules has become increasingly popular in recent years, and the number of markets being offered by online sportsbooks have accommodated this demand.  Let's take a look at some of the more popular betting types on Australian Rules Football betting online.  

Outright / Future Betting

These markets focus on the overall outcomes following the AFL season. These markets will open prior to the AFL season commencing, but you can always place wagers on them during a season, but the odds won’t be as favourable.  The outright / future markets you can bet on are listed below:

  • AFL Grand Final Winner – which team will make it all the way to the final and win the premiership cup.
  • Top 4 / 8 Finish – which teams will perform well over the season and finish in the top 4 / 8.
  • Brownlow Medal – the award for the fairest and best player in the AFL season.
  • Rising Star Award – this is given to the best young player.

To Win Market

This market allows you to choose who will win the upcoming game. For example, you choose the West Coast Eagles to beat Port Adelaide.  If a team is heavily favoured in a match-up, then they will have very short odds and it won’t be valuable to place a bet on them to win. However, you could always parlay this team with another one you like to increase the overall odds. Please keep this in mind.

Line Betting

Otherwise known as handicap betting, a sportsbook will place a specific line for both teams competing in the game. Below is an example of how a line bet would look.

Brisbane Lions (-11.5) v Sydney Swans (+11.5)

The Brisbane Lions are considered the favourite in this game and will need to outscore the Swans by 12 points or more for a winning bet. If you think the game will be closer than that, you can place a bet on the Swans (+11.5), meaning they will need to either lose by 11 points or less, or win the game outright for your bet to win.   Please keep a close eye on the line bets offered by sportsbooks, there can be value found in some of these bets.

Before we move on to more betting types, If you need any help deciding which sportsbook to use for betting on Aussie Rules, we have an in-depth list of the best Canadian books that offer all of the markets mentioned throughout this article.

Best Bookmakers - July 2024


Total Points

A sportsbook will always offer a total number of points to be scored in the game – for example 175.5 total points. You choose whether you think the total number of points scored by both teams will be above or below that figure. 

Margin Betting

This is a heavily favoured market in Aussie Rules betting, and is sometimes referred to as Big Win, Little Win. There are two margins on offer – 1-39 points and 40+. We will explain this more in an example below:

North Melbourne v Western Bulldogs:

North Melbourne (margin 1-39) +105            Western Bulldogs (margin 1-39) +250

North Melbourne (margin 40+) +300             Western Bulldogs (margin 40+) +1000

From the odds shown above, North Melbourne are considered the favourites. A $100 bet on them to win by 1-39 points will pay out $105. The team that is favoured to win the game will always have shorter odds in the margin betting markets.  Winning by a margin of 40+ is always harder and would require a team to totally out-perform their opponent in all areas of the pitch. That’s why the odds are a lot higher for a team to win by 40+ points – a $100 bet on Western Bulldogs to win by 40+ would pay $1000!


Proposition betting has always been a fan favourite with people betting on all sports. They involve betting on outcomes for individual players or a whole team, but they do not affect the overall outcome of the match.  We will look at a number of markets for both player and team ‘prop’ bets.

Player Props

You can choose who will be the first goal scorer. It is always fun to cheer on the player that you have picked to score first. Although it is extremely tough to predict who will score first, the potential pay outs for a winner are fantastic.  You will also have the opportunity to bet on the number of points scored by an individual player. Carrying out research into the previous points scored by each player will help to decide on how many points they are likely to score in their next game.

Team Props

The biggest market for team props is the overall points scored by each individual team. Just like the total points market highlighted above, your sportsbook will offer an over / under total for both teams in a match-up.

Final Thoughts

It is important that you understand the rules involved in each of the Aussie Rules betting markets that we have informed you on. Knowing the ins and outs of each one will help you to find value bets and win big when betting on Aussie Rules online.  If you are unfamiliar with any of the Aussie Rules or betting terminology above, please reed our guide to Aussie Rules article.

We have everything covered to start you on the journey of winning big on Aussie Rules online betting.

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