Best Online MMA & UFC Betting Strategies

by Rae Dover
| 30/08/2020

If you rely on luck with your MMA betting adventures, you probably aren’t going to make a big fortune. Instead, the best MMA betting strategy is to learn as much as you can about the sport.  You can do that by giving our guide to MMA online betting a read, as well as staying in touch with the latest news coming from the mixed martial arts universe.  Only with a vast knowledge of the sport can you hope for big returns. Speaking of which, MMA betting can bring some really big profits your way.

Two Reasons Why MMA Betting Could Be Very Profitable

You might be looking into mixed martial arts betting because you are a fan of combat sports. Sure, there’s no doubt that placing a few MMA bets can amplify the fan experience. However, there’s another, an even more important reason why you ought to give MMA betting a try.  What we’re talking about is its money-making potential. Although a skillful bettor can make money wagering on literally any sport, MMA might be your best option. There are two reasons that make mixed martial arts a more suitable choice for bettors than most other sports.

  1. Bookies’ Mistakes – When setting up the betting odds, bookmakers have to take all sorts of factors into consideration, e.g. the form of each fighter, their head-to-head score, and so on. Sometimes, they end up offering prices that don’t reflect the real probabilites. If you manage to spot their mistakes, you can get yourself much better odds on favorites.  
  2. Not-Too-Skilled Bettors – MMA betting fans are usually guided by their hearts rather than their brains. As a result, they often end up backing their favourite fighters, even when they’re pitted against better opponents. By betting on the underdog, they make the odds on the favourite get longer. Why not take advantage of this and get yourself a better value?

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How to Bet on MMA and Win Every Time?

There isn’t an absolute answer to the question of how to bet on MMA to win. However, we can tell you something that’s as close to the answer as possible – the best chance to win money on MMA betting is to become an expert on this sport.  Sure, that’s something that requires a lot of time and effort. However, for fans of combat sports, this can be a fun experience. In the next part, we’re going to talk about all the boxes you need to tick before being able to call yourself a decent MMA bettor.

MMA Betting Checklist

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither you can become an expert MMA handicapper overnight. Instead, you will have to school yourself to become one, which is something that can take weeks, months, or even years. In fact, top sports bettors seem to never stop learning.  Nevertheless, you should start your MMA betting with baby steps, which include the following:

  • Learn the rules of mixed martial arts, as well as about MMA betting markets and odds. 
  • Learn about the differences in the rules of different MMA promotions (UFC, Bellator, ONE Championship, and so on).
  • Learn about some of the sport’s biggest legends (e.g., Georges St-Pierre, Fedor Emelianenko, Jon Jones, and so on).
  • Watch some of the best MMA fights in history (e.g., Khabib vs. McGregor).
  • Check out what’s the focus of leading MMA news sites like Tapology, Bloody Elbow, MMA Fighting, and others.
  • Read previews and predictions of reputable MMA analysts.

Once you’re confident that you’ve acquired enough MMA knowledge, it’s time to test that knowledge in practice by placing some bets.

Easy MMA Betting Strategies

Generally speaking, all the strategies to winning on MMA bets can be separated into two main categories:

The first category includes all the betting tactics that promote placing smaller bets and building your bankroll over time.  This seems like a great way for inexperienced bettors to polish their betting skills. Another reason why taking it slowly might be a perfect strategy for you is that you don’t have to wager too much of your money. In fact, you can start with as little as 5-10 bucks.

The second category covers all the MMA betting tactics that focus on putting a lot of money on a single bet. There are several pros and cons of these kinds of strategies.  For example, a major advantage is that when betting moneyline on equally-priced fighters, your chance of winning is practically 50%. The biggest disadvantage is that you need to invest a lot of money in order to get a chance to win a lot of money this way.

Tips & Tricks to Boost Your MMA Betting Profits

No matter which MMA betting strategy you pick, there are some tips and tricks that apply to all of them. By adding them to the mixture, you can improve your chances of winning significantly.

To understand what we’re talking about, here are a couple of tips:

  • Make use of bonuses – Our advice is to grab all the bonuses available at your favourite online sportsbook. You can then use those funds to bet on MMA. This way, you get more betting opportunities without risking any of your own money.
  • Find the best odds – Betting odds differ from one sportsbook to another. The difference might not be too extreme, but over the long run, betting on the best-possible odds can increase your profits.
  • Live betting – If your sportsbook is offering live betting, we say go for it. This way, you can bet on a fight while watching it in real-time. If you spot that a fighter isn’t having the best time of their life, you can place some live bets against that fighter.

Knowing that the road to fortune in MMA betting is a long one, the best thing you can do is get busy! Start learning about the sport to get yourself ready for the next big event!

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