A Beginner's Guide to Horse Racing Betting Online

by Rae Dover
| 23/09/2020

Horse racing betting has been one of the longest running and most popular forms of betting for gamblers all over the world. In fact, the earliest bookies were primarily horse racing bookies. In terms of the actual sport of horse racing, this dates back as far as the Roman Empire with chariot racing being the closest alternative back then.

Others actually claim that people were pioneering horse racing betting as far back as 4000BC! However, the known facts are that horse racing betting became regulated and brought to the masses during the early 18th Century. In addition to this, the famous Ascot Race course was constructed in England during the year 1711, under Queen Anne.

Today, horse racing bookies are still found all over the world, and the actual wagers placed with these bookies contribute millions if not billions to the global economy each year. The popularity most likely stems from the simplicity of the sport, since it is basically a sport in which the horses race one another to cross the finish line. Aside from the uncomplicated nature of the sport, bettors all over the world are drawn to horse racing due to the multitude of betting options available within horse racing sportsbooks.

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How to Participate in Horse Racing Betting Online

The process of locating horse racing sportsbooks has radically changed since the internet paved the way for so many online bookmakers. The chance to take part in online horse racing betting has never been easier, and to get started all you must do is sign up with an online bookmaker.

The top betting sites online these days support horse racing wagering. After opening an account you simply need to navigate to the horse racing section. Here you will find all of the available horse racing bets, which may seem a little complicated.

But this will not seem so intimidating after gaining an understanding for the most common types of bets placed on horse races. These bets are available at practically all horse racing bookies, and the most common types are discussed in the next section.

Common Horse Racing Bets

There are 4 common bets that you will need to familiarize yourself with before jumping into horse racing betting. These 4 are described in detail right here, and all of them can be found within the numerous horse racing sportsbooks.

  • Fixed odds

This is a bet that is placed on a particular horse to win an event. Fixed odds bets when it comes to horse racing sportsbooks are sometimes called single bets, but they are the exact same thing. To win this bet, your chosen horse must win the race.

  • Each way

Placing an each way bet is another hugely popular type of horse racing bet. By placing an each way bet, you will actually be placing two bets. This is because the first bet will go towards the chosen horse winning the race, and the second bet goes on the horse ‘to place’. To place simply means that the horse needs to finish inside the top 3 (this can sometimes be the top 2) to win the bet.

  • Singular place / show bets

These are somewhat similar to the each way bet, but a bit more specific. You can actually choose to place parts of the each way bet separately, as a single bet. Therefore you can place a single bet on a horse to place, which typically means they will need to finish either first or second. Alternatively, you can bet on a horse to show, which means they need to finish inside the top 3 to win the bet.

Events to Look Out For

The great thing about horse racing betting is that there is an enormous amount of races taking place throughout the year. Horse racing bookies will typically have several events taking place on every single day of the year, which gives plenty of time to practice and become familiar with horse racing betting.

Just like any sport, there are several larger and more prestigious horse races that are held throughout the year. In the UK, they have the Royal Ascot Race as well as the Grand National. In the USA they have the Breeder’s Cup and the Kentucky Derby, with Canada hosting the Queen's Plate each summer. These are just a few of the most prestigious events held during the calendar year, and they definitely present an opportunity to practice some horse racing betting.

Dos and Don’ts of Horse Racing Betting

Since you are likely to be brand new to online horse racing betting, we have three very important pieces of advice for your first steps into this exciting sport.

  • Bet small

This is the first and also the most important pieces of advice. With so many bets available within the various horse racing sportsbooks it can be easy to get carried away. Keep things small and controlled to begin with.

  • Vary the bets

Have the courage to explore the different types of bets that you may find. This will improve your overall understanding of horse racing betting as well as give you the confidence to try for more.

  • Follow important events

By follow we really mean try and watch the events, since this will greatly improve your awareness of the sport and how it all works. It may also improve your overall knowledge of what horses may be in form and therefore increase your chances of winning your bets.

A Finishing Note ...

Horse racing can be one of the most exciting types of betting experiences in the world. You will find attractive odds and a great range of bet types across multiple horse racing bookies. Take the time to explore these bets, and put practice into action with small bets.

Horse racing betting, particularly for larger events can be exhilarating, so always enjoy responsibly through small bets and keep your control.

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