eSports Bet Types Explained

by Connor Bergeron
| 31/10/2019

eSports may be a rather new phenomena, but they already have a number of specialized bets. High-profile events such as The International hosted for Dota 2 or the Worlds Championship for League of Legends offer great opportunities to place your first Canadian eSports bet.  However, to decide which bet to place, you will need to find out more about the available eSports bet types, when you can benefit from them and what events specifically you should be focusing on in the eSports entertainment industry.

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What Are the Most Popular Bets in Esports?

There are numerous eSports betting markets these days and you will certainly be interested in what the main ones are. By identifying these specific bet types, you will gain a better understanding of eSports betting as a whole and possibly turn a strong profit and have even more reasons to follow competitive video gaming up close. Here come the main bet types to consider.

  • Match Winners

Match winners is one of the basic types of bets you can place in eSports. The term is borrowed from traditional sports and you simply choose to back a side, a team or a player that you feel is the most likely to win. Just pick a video game you like and an event you want to bet on and click on the side you support.

  • Tournament Winner

There are a lot of tournaments in the world of competitive video gaming. As a result, you can bet on tournament winners – also known as outright winners – very early in the year. For example, Counter-Strike and Dota 2 are two games that announce their yearly tournament schedules very early on.  Most of the teams get direct invites and they are usually the teams to win these events. Based on this information, you can predict the likely winner of a tournament based on current performance. League of Legends – another popular game – is also a very smart choice.

  • Over/Under

Over/Under is another popular type of eSports bet. This type of bet mostly applies to games such as Counter-Strike, Rainbow 6 and Call of Duty. In other words, these games are ‘shooters,’ and the bet is there to determine the maximum rounds that a game would take to complete. In Counter-Strike you need 13 victories to win a game, after which the teams will change their in-game side, i.e. switch from terrorists to counter-terrorists (as the in-game factions are known) and play for another 13 points.

Are There Specialized eSports Betting Types?

Depending on the type of video game you want to participate in, you will find that some games have special types of bets. Collectively, these bets are called ‘proposition bets’ as they ‘propose a circumstance’ and ask of you to guess whether that circumstance is going to come to pass. Here is a list of a few such bets, but keep in mind that their numbers can reach 50+ for a single event.

  • Map/Round Winner

In this type of a betting situation, you are trying to determine who the winner of a simple round or a map will be. If there are several maps to be played and more than one round, this bet can prove truly interesting. Some teams are better in the early game, but they lose momentum later on, for example.

  • First Blood

First blood is a type of bet that asks you to bet on which team will score the first kill/point. This is a type of bet available for all so-called MOBA games (League of Legends, Dota 2) and first-person shooter (Counter-Strike, Rainbow 6, Call of Duty, Overwatch) and so forth.

  • 2nd Map Winner

Interestingly, eSports bookmakers often ask customers to try and guess the 2nd Map Winner. You need to place this bet before the event has started.

  • Correct Score

Try to guess the correct score in a game. This may apply to many different metrics that are part of the game. For example, the bookmaker may ask you to guess the exact number of kills scored, points achieved or map results.

Learn eSports Odds in a Minute

eSports odds are very easy to understand. Expressed as decimals, you will have no problem getting to grasp with the main concept. If Royal Never Give Up are listed at 2.0 odds, this means that you need will receive $2 for every $1 you stake, your total pay-out will be $3. The higher the odds, i.e. 2.0, 3.0. 8.0, the smaller the chance for a team to win is. This is only logical as higher odds mean that you can potentially win more.

How to Get Started at eSports Betting?

eSports betting is definitely an exciting new segment of online sports betting to get involved with. To make the most of your betting game, you will first need to fulfil one basic condition – fall in love with a game. Start playing and understanding it.  Gaming communities are more accessible than sports, because you don’t need to go to a stadium. You log in from a computer and you are already in touch with some of the best gamers. As you play, you will develop an appreciation for how difficult the game is, but also obtain knowledge as to what some specific betting conditions are.  Once you know the basics, just pick a recommended eSports Canadian betting site and start placing wagers on the events and games that you understand best. Overall, Canada eSports betting can be a very entertaining activity, so make sure that you spend some time exploring it.

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