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Online Casino Operating Systems

All casinos are built on a certain software. They are compatible with specific pre-determined devices and ultimately favour some gaming experience over another. 

This is why we will draw your attention to only the best operators and the most worth-it casino operating systems available on the market. We will specifically look into three types, including:


Similarly, we will explore the main provider of gaming products and explain on some common mistakes that reviewers and similar articles do, such as calling a casino "NetEnt", "Microgaming" or something similar, when they only mean to say that the majority of games are provided by that specific iGaming provider.

The Available Operating Systems

To understand casinos, you will have to find out what the main operating system is. In the past, such differentiation mattered more. There were three distinct options:

  • AndroidAndroid used to be the most popular operating system, because the majority of games were built around "Flash". Now, these games are still very popular but a change is coming.
  • iOS/Mac – Apple's iOS and macOS  software solutions are gaining popularity. Secure, increasingly affordable and easy to use, the iOS and MacOS online casino operating systems are among the world's most-preferred options.
  • Windows Windows operating systems for casinos are universal and they can run any type of game and software. This is why you might want to opt for a device such as a tablet that can actually support Windows in the first place, along with iOS and Android, of course.

Regardless of the operating system a casino has or the operating system that your mobile devices uses, you will notice one thing – all casinos are accessible by virtually any device today.

Casino Operating Systems Available to All - Thanks to HTML5

Today, all mobile OS are compatible with casinos and devices. This is because of HTML5. Let's explain a little better – every website will load on your device, because this is web technology.  The only problem in the past (largely solved in 2019) was how to get games to run. iOS operating systems couldn't load "Flash" so a solution was necessary to make sure that users of whatever devices can actually get a chance to experience the full library of games from all devices.

This was made possible by the use of HTML5, the new omnipresent technology that allows all iGaming developers to create universally compatible games. HTML5 dispenses with the need to use "Flash" once and for all and the advantages and gains for users are quite significant, including:

  • Shorter loading time
  • Flawless gameplay
  • Improved security

Just because HTML5 is replacing Flash, it doesn't mean that Android isn't featured. Quite the opposite, as the purpose of this new software is to make it possible for players of all operating systems and devices to be able to access the game.

What's the Casino's Specific Gaming Software?

There's another thing that is important to note here – the games and the developers. Often, you will see people call a specific casino "NetEnt casino", for example, but this is not necessarily true.  Casinos today provide a variety of gaming options which don't really have to do with one single studio at all. Instead, you get a variety of software makers that have offered an extensive number of games.  Understandably, how many games are ultimately featured depends on the agreements between the casino and the particular iGaming software developers and the size of the deal.

The Best Operating Systems for Online Casinos – What to Look For

Now that we know which the best operating systems are, it's time to decide which ones is the best. All three system have their upsides, and some would argue – downsides. However, insofar as downsides go, casinos and software developers have done their best to eliminate those.  As a result, you don't have to worry about any operating system at all these days. You will have to scrutinize the individual casino that is implementing the said operating system, though. Once you have found a casino that applies an OS according to the latest iGaming industry, you will be all set and ready to play.

What Device to Choose?

Another matter for people debating the choice of operating system is the type of device you want to use. Some people stick to desktop computers, but other prefer to go with a smartphone or a tablet.  Depending on what type of gamer you are, you can consider taking either options. In the case of a smartphone you will be able to play quickly and easily with the best casino operating systems, but then again, this habit may drain the life of your battery.  If you opt for a dedicated tablet, you will have a little more viewing field, which is never a bad thing.

Closing Thoughts on the Choice of a Great Casino OS

With all the technological advancements that have gone in the creation of reliable platforms online for gamblers, it's no wonder that people can pick any casino and rest assured that they will get top quality service back.  It always helps to know what inherent advantage or flaw each platform has, though. This is why after reading this guide, you will be able to test-play platforms and be able to approach them with understanding and appreciation. Don't hesitate to use this knowledge to your advantage.

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