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Mobile Casino Operating Systems

Many casinos today manage to stay first in business by adhering to one specific formula – going mobile first. The mobile casinos are very popular due to the spread of smartphone use.  People are no longer willing to spend time in front of a computer – they do this at work, perhaps, but not really much afterwards. Instead, they opt for their smartphones for various activities – texting, staying updated and reading the news, and of course – playing online casinos, one of the most entertaining pastimes online.

In this article, we examine the best mobile casino operating systems. These systems are what makes each individual casino function properly and our analysis is dedicated at helping you understand them a little better.

What Are Casino Operating Systems?

Each casino runs on a specific software. It's the software that tells the casino which devices and operating systems it's compatible with. In general, there are several such systems available:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows

All three systems are used massively by mobile and portable devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It's then understandable that to stay competitive, online casinos had to adapt and change their offers drastically.  In 2019, mobile indexing is what all casinos are after. This includes adapting their offer for all the major operating systems. Let's examine them in greater detail and find out what they are specifically good at.


Android OSAndroid is the world's most popular mobile platform. There's a very simple reason for that – smartphones supporting the OS are less expensive, though this is not a bad thing at all. Android phones are quality products, but creating them simply costs less than iPhones.  This has allowed the world to game from their phones at their own discretion for almost no cost in procuring a reliable device at all. Android are also compatible with the world's first most widely spread programming language for online casinos – "flash", which has long dominated the headlines.

Today, an estimated 75% of all devices supporting mobile casino play are Android. iOS have been clawing some of this back thanks to the spreading of HTML5, another programming language that's worth a little more than an honourary mention.




IOS OSmac OSiOS is slowly becoming the next big thing when it comes to operating systems for mobile casinos. iOS is a slightly more protective operating system that doesn't allow Flash. This is one of the reasons some casino users have always preferred it over Android, even though iOS initially came with some restrictions.  Since 2018, all iGaming studios have been making a massive push to bring their gaming products up to speed so they are compatible with iOS.  This means that the games should be optimized for HTML5. Not only that, they should be based on this technology which allows gamers to use their iPhones and iPads to enjoy an unprecedented versatility of games.


Windows OSWindows is a popular operating system choice for mobile gaming.  You will notice there are far more games on Windows mobile device menus.  Tablets are very powerful Windows-friendly solutions that allow you to play the full range of games, and with Windows it's all hassle-free, as they support both HTML5 and Flash games.  It's a top pick for a casino gaming platform.

Security and Safety Come First

All mobile operating systems are extremely secure these days. Even though Flash can be slightly more vulnerable, casinos take extensive measures to guarantee that your sensitive data is handled with the highest security measures . SSL encryption and building a website able to withstand any DDoS attack is what you can expect from any mobile casino today.  To make sure that a casino's mobile system is areliable, it helps to look for a certification from an accredited authority that deals specifically with providing you information about licensing. If the website is licensed, then you will have some guarantee that all things are brought up to speed.

What Operating System to Pick for Yourself?

The choice of gaming platform is ultimately up to you. It almost always depends on the country you live in. In places where all platforms are equally available, you will have a slightly bigger dilemma, but you can easily solve it by allocating a budget for yourself.  You can in fact acquire a decent iOS or Android device for as little as $450 and that's a great way to break into online gambling and enjoy yourself a fair bit. Whether you choose a tablet or a phone, it's up to you.  Some gamers prefer their phones while others like the larger viewing field that broader devices can guarantee them.

Great Operating Systems Provide Excellent Experience

In 2019, all operating systems that are available for mobile casinos will provide you with a top-notch experience. Whatever your choice you will enjoy quick responsive solutions that will make your stay at the best mobile casinos a treat.  There is virtually no difference between iOS, Android and Windows when it comes to polish these days. All industry leaders are committed to providing you with the best possible experience you will ever get online.

Make your choice of operating system and remember that you can't go wrong. It's all a matter of personal preferences.

Pick Your Favourite Mobile System and Enjoy Hours of Fun and Excitement!


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