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by Connor Bergeron
| 17/08/2020
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Playing at an online casino in Canada can be a load of fun, but to be a true casino guru worthy of the name, you ought to know a few things first. Today, we take a look at those inherent things that will undoubtedly shape you as a true expert in the online gaming world, and help you win at most online casinos in a truly Canadian style.

Here are ten practical pieces of advice to harness which will help you give online casinos a good run for their money.


1. Bring Your "A Game"

The first and most important rule is to always play to the best of your ability. You may wonder if there is such a thing in an online casino. Well, there is! You can master casino games and research probabilities for each individual game and game type. There is quite a bit of theory you can study up on to truly make a difference in the outcome of at least some of your bets. Of course, to get there, you will need to be bringing your "A game"!

2. Stay Positive

As Canadians, we are recognized as being excessively polite, so much that we have given rise to some anecdotal stereotypes around the world. Well, if being positive is a bit of a national trait, we see no reason why we shouldn't use it to master the online casinos. Many players tend to lose hope or act too rashly, but we Canadians know how to stay positive and look beyond any momentary setbacks. That's a fantastic ability to have when trying to beat any casino out there.

3. Get to Know the Casinos

Now, one great way to be a true master of any online casino is to actually get to know that casino. Does it sound like a bit of legwork to you? It doesn't have to be. The best way to get to know the casinos is to read casino reviews. It's a quick and simple process that will improve your results, too. A review will give you a very good overall look and feel of a casino, and we definitely recommend you to spend some time looking into them.

4. Don't Worry About Losses

Everybody hates to lose, but Canadians manage to keep our brave faces on. Well, that's the correct attitude towards mastering the casinos. You don't have to worry too much about them at all. Just bring on your happy face and make sure you can afford to lose what you lose. If you aren't too obsessed with every single loss, you might stand to run a profit in the long-term or in the very least, avoid making rash decisions.

5. Check Out the Freebies

There are tons of casino bonuses to benefit from out there and they are all worthwhile. You will have absolutely no trouble finding one that best fits your needs and that allows you to play a little more. Bonuses are great, and they come in all forms and shapes, designed to help you get a headstart or bolster your efforts in gaining an advantage at any casino.

6. Understand RTPs

Some players may forget, but the theoretical "return" listed for a game is actually quite important. We call it a Return to Player (RTP) rate and it should always be part of your game play deliberations. Some players just focus on the games that offer the biggest RTP, and that's great. However, don't forget that there is something called inbuilt volatility affecting the frequency with which a game will payout. You can adjust your gameplay and adapt to any style, that's for sure. First, though, we recommend that you know what you can expect from the game and pick games based on good, quick, and simple research.

7. Manage Your Bankroll

Another key to success is managing your bankroll. It's not too difficult to do this. Canadians are known to have a good financial sense overall, and allocating just enough to enjoy our casino gaming is definitely not too difficult at all! With this said, managing your bankroll will definitely assist your efforts to win over the long run.

8. Learn the Games in Detail

Finding out more about each game is a great start. You can learn about the probabilities and RTP and just make sure you understand how the main game mechanic works. There will be a lot of difference between games. Some will depend on luck more so than others. However, most table games can be played according to a strategy, and it never hurts to test the strategies first in a demo mode.

9. Play Free Games

Free games in online casinos are a great way to test if a game will work for you. Don't hesitate to join any of the available free versions and see how the payouts work. The best thing is that all free games work just as well as the real money versions. In other words, you will get a great read of each game, test strategies, and generally be able to decide if that particular is indeed something you would enjoy.

10. Know When to Stop

Last, but not least, take everything in moderation. Gaming should be no different, and if you feel you are playing a little too much, it's perhaps time to stop. Just make sure you keep track of your gaming sessions and don't spend too much time on them. Better yet, you can set your own time limits!

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