E-Wallet Payment Option

by Connor Bergeron
| 11/11/2020

e Wallet casino bankingThere are many different e-wallet payment methods each of which give you the opportunity to easily and discreetly make online transactions without revealing personal information. There is a range of e-wallets you can use on popular casino sites to load money onto your casino account and withdraw your winnings with very limited, if any, fees. With higher security and better anonymity, e-wallets are a popular online casino payment method.

Safety and Security of an E-Wallet Payment Method

E-Wallets give you an extra layer of security. When you open an account it takes just a few minutes during which you need load things like credit card information or banking information. Once that is done, you don't have to expose that information for any online transaction, let alone for using your e-wallet with your favourite online casinos. There is limited personal information shared for transactions going in or out of the online casino. In addition to whatever levels of encryption and security the casinos are using, most e-wallets have their own levels of additional security on each transaction as well as great customer service in the event that fraud happens.

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Why Use an E-Wallet?

There are several advantages associated with using an e-wallet. The biggest advantage is that you get a full-service solution for your casinos. While other payment methods might be restricted to transactions going in one direction or another like deposits only, e-wallets give you the option of deposits and withdrawals directly to a bank account or with a credit card. Many, many wallets have the opportunity for you to load multiple card types or link multiple account types to your third-party wallet so you can choose which cards to use where when you want to move money through your ewallet to your casino account, and back the other way when you move your winnings to your e-wallet. Additionally, many e-wallets come with limited, if any, fees with your significantly less than you would face using your credit card or debit card directly.

How to Open an E-Wallet Account 

Opening an e-wallet account is very easy no matter which system you are using. Given that there are a dozen or so e-wallets commonly used with online casinos, each has slightly different requirements but most of them function in basically the same way. You go to the website, you click on the open account or start account button, and to your personal information, confirm your identity, and then link whatever cards you want or accounts you want to your third party e-wallet. Once that is done, you can load money to your favorite casino and withdraw your winnings.

Just like a regular bank account you also have access to your account data online or on your phone. Most e-wallets give you a phone number you can call to check your balance or view your transactions. You can also check out your account online and monitor your transactions, see your balance, and add or remove new payment methods. 

Using an E-Wallet to Load Casino Accounts and Withdraw Winnings

When you use your e-wallet to load money onto your casino account, you just go to the financial tab or the banking section of the website. From there click on deposits and choose from the available list which e-wallet you prefer. Pick the amount of money you want to load onto your account and confirm. Once that is done with almost all e-wallets the money will be available immediately but it might take 5 or 10 minutes to appear in your account.

When you are ready to reverse the process and take home all of your winnings, you go to the same financial / banking tab and click on the withdrawal button. From there you can choose which e-wallet you want your money to go to. Many people prefer withdrawing to their e-wallets because it is a much cheaper way and a much faster way to get winnings. If you withdraw to a modern bank account or directly to your debit card it can take a few weeks for the money to get there but with an e-wallet it tends to be there within a day.

E-Wallet Bonuses

One great aspect of using a new payment method like e-wallets is that you can take advantage of casinos that offer bonuses. There are many casinos today that offer bonuses just for using different e-wallets, and if you use more than one e-wallet, you can get more than one bonus. There are others that will give you bonuses when you load money onto your account with that card on a regular basis and still some that simply give you the welcome bonus. The welcome bonus and the no deposit bonus are some of the most advantageous of bonuses because they give you a reward just for signing up with the casino and just for signing up in some cases with your ewallet account. In addition to this you might also get access to free games or free spins which can help your money last a lot longer.

E-Wallet Currencies

Given how many e-wallets there are in the fact that they function as a third party system, they are much more widely accessible around the world. There are different e-wallet available depending on where you live or what currency you use which means you are not limited just because you use a different currency.

E-wallets make for a safe, secure, and fast payment method for your favourite online casino. Sign up for an e-wallet today!


E-Wallet FAQs

Up to
$1600 in Bonuses
on first 4 deposits
$1500 + 150 Spins
on first 2 deposits
100% up to
$200 + 100 Spins

Do e-wallets charge for services?

Fees are generally quite limited and the fast service more than makes up for what little is charged.

Can e-wallets used for deposits AND withdrawals?

E-wallets are used for both deposits and withdrawals directly to/from a bank account or a credit card.

Are e-wallets safe to use?

E-wallets have enhanced security features so your bank and credit card details remain anonymous from the wallet you use.

Are there any cons to using e-wallets?

Some e-wallets are limited in terms of the currencies they support.
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