20 AB Card Game - How to Play

Translated from German by Steve ThorsTen (2019)

20 AB is a witty card game that you can enjoy together with your friends and choose as a way to pass the time. The 20 AB game offers a very simple gameplay that is both straightforward and very easy to grasp. Depending on the version you choose, the level of difficulty can be adjusted to the needs of the players, based on their age and personal preference. If you are eager to win, you will have to bring your total score of 20 down to zero.

20 AB Card Game Instructions

The game is easy to play. The highest value card is of course the Ace followed by Ten, and then King, Queen, and finally Jack. Oppositely, seven, eight, and nine are the lowest cards in the standard 52 deck (the deck used in poker and blackjack). The colors also have no ranking before a game begins.

The game is played clockwise and the dealer begins by handing out two cards to each player. At this point, the player who is next to the dealer's left hand side must come up with a trump suit which is based on the two cards he has. Once this is done, the dealer adds thee more cards, distributed to each player.

After all cards he been dealt, the player next to the dealer (on the left again), begins the game by discarding three cards. All other players must join him or her instantly and discard three cards all at the same time. Then, an equal number of replacement cards is requested from the dealers. If a player chooses not to discard, this is perfectly fine and 20 ab allows players to continue with their original hand.

Keeping Score

When it comes to keeping score 20 ab Card Game, you will need either a German or French sheet game sheet. It's good to try and group the numbers in the sheet to make counting the score easier. Note that you will have to hit zero before anyone else. If no players have zero presently as their score, the game continues until a players successfully is left without any points.

How the Trumps Are Played

The player with the highest trump card can deduct this amount from their total score, which will in turn help them get closer to a zero. If no trump card is available, then a player must place another, "wrong" card.


Players must always "confess" when they have Trump cards in their hands. It's their obligation to play a trump card when they have one. This part of the game depends on players being honest and play any pertinent cards when they have them.

If Playing with Fewer People

If the pool of players is smaller, there is a way to adjust the winning conditions by choosing a number that is different from zero and make that number the winning condition. Moving forward, a game is only won if the pre-determined number is reached.

20 ab is easy to wrap up, as it only takes five hands to play through. The rules of the game are also adjustable as noted. You can change either the winning conditions or reduce the number of cards that are being discarded.

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